I knew everyone there.

The circus and the show are brimful of fun and laughter.


I want to hear your version of what happened.

We have a good government and all the people have the freedom.

That concert was a complete disappointment.

He usually was not involved directly.

She bought three new picks.

They blocked the flow of water from the burst pipe.

She got a new pair of glasses.

Our club activities are always spoiled by his behavior.

By the time our mother came, we had cleaned our room.

Some people don't act their age.

I've already started to do that.


Let someone else do it.

Please put these flowers in the basket.

Jackye has no reason to hide.


Is the audience listening?

I've never asked Roderick to work on a Sunday.

I was born in the year 1977.

We need you back.

Delbert knows how to fix this, I think.


I was worn out because I had to take care of so many children.

Andreas could hear Lonhyn crunching on a carrot.

Now do be careful.


He is a golfer.

You need great endurance to run ten thousand meters.

We will have been studying English for five years next February.

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What is your store like?


You are quite in the wrong.


Are you ready for spring?

He sacrifies himself for the community.

A new car came to a standstill in front of the bank.


Granted his cleverness, he may still be mistaken.

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You're very religious, aren't you?

Helen accidentally set fire to the curtain.

He seems nice, but he's wicked at heart.

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Why do we stroke cats, but pat dogs?


Jeff demanded a refund.

That was very funny. Do it again!

Do you think he was only making believe that he was sick?

A man once asked Diogenes what was the proper time for supper, and he made answer, "If you are a rich man, whenever you please; and if you are a poor man, whenever you can."

Big successes result from constant effort.

Her sadness was written all over her face.

She's always like that.

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He is very handsome.

Piotr won't like that.

I suspect that Ramanan doesn't do his homework by himself.


He's a reliable man, you can reckon on him.

I want Vaughn to prove me wrong.

The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

His dad will not come, he is very busy,

I've got a few friends.

Roberta deserves to be compensated.

The whole system is distorted.

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He had no idea what she was talking about.


As you treat me, so I will treat you.

Their claims were as follows.

I'm not just here to look pretty.

I overheard their mockery.

What are you angry about?

We need to talk to them.

You're probably wondering who I am.

Brandy is a couple of inches taller than Anita.

You're observant.

Someone gave Jerald the wrong directions.

He made friends with her in America.

Almost three.

As a general rule, it's simple to criticize, but difficult to produce alternative suggestions.

Ham comes from the hind leg of a pig.

Could you hold this picture straight for a while?

Why don't you ask her to do it?

Did you discover something new today?

Deb might be able to translate this into French.

These motorcycles are the same type.

She was standing in the middle of the room.

I have the whole day free.


I've seen nobody except you.

The war has taken a terrible toll on the civilian population.

It's very likely he'll come.

I've got to go now.

It's just a boy.

Let's start with a few facts.

Sit up straight.


He told them that he had had a wonderful time.


It's a very gloomy day.

Carol reached down to assist Jisheng to her feet.

Have you been getting enough exercise?

Countless stars were twinkling in the sky.

Please give me something to drink.

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We have to be extremely careful.

In spite of the controversy it aroused, the question still remains open.

He's a friend of a friend.

It couldn't be them.

They can't work.


I want to go to a country without Mondays.


In the war, many people died young.

This limited express is bound for Sendai.

Are you wounded?


He'll do his best to finish the job.

Many people have gathered.

Our teacher permitted us to use a dictionary during the test.

When we started out, we only had six employees.

We've got company.

Is Duncan taking anything for the pain?

He wants to have my telephone number.


">" means greater than.

Jacobson hired Svante immediately.

Murph wasn't stupid.

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She need not have kept silent.


They were for the most part young girls.

I want an MP3 player!

That's what Sanjeev did last year.

Scientists continue to discover new medicines, so there is always hope for people who are in comas.

Bradley announced her engagement to Blaine.

Julio always tells bad jokes, and frequently he makes a fool of himself.

Why don't you put your clothes back on?


He likes quinoa.

Don't say that name around me.

Aurora Borealis or the "northern lights" occurs 80 to 160km (50 to 100 miles) above the earth, when energetic particles from a solar storm cause the gases in the upper atmosphere to glow. Auroras can last between a few minutes to several hours. It's common across Alaska and northern Canada.

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That's the reason she's late.

Jef won't go along with that.

Who said you can swagger around like that just because you're one year ahead of me?

I wonder how long Russ will be here.

He is proficient in Farsi.

They're brothers.

I have a very sore arm where you hit me.

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Archie is really persuasive, isn't he?

Geoff couldn't restrain his anger.

Woman observes, man decides.

Am I really that overweight?

We haven't seen them.

The scientific method accounts for measurable uncertainties.

Do the math.

I love you very much.

I waited an hour for my friend.

I have midterms next week.

I am feeling up-lifted at the thought of it.

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I don't leave money lying around.

He will fight the heavyweight champion tomorrow.

I've always been proud of him.


He confessed his guilt.

What language do they speak in your country?

A new branch will be opened in Chicago next month.


Nathan and Dori walked home together.

His face was covered with mud.

It was strange.

You're not hurt.

Can they force me to do this?

Does anybody have a problem with this?

Billy is a gruff man.


Who told you all that?

If you think this forum is just work for you, then you should give up.

You're indispensable.

I got an email yesterday that was written in French.

Darren isn't very assertive.

Wonder is the true character of the philosopher.

Anatoly said that he bought an old car.

The stolen money hasn't been recovered.

How amazing that your mother speaks six languages!

After being on the stove for five minutes, steam started coming out the spout of the tea pot.

Everyone's talking about you.

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I'm sorry for the delay in my reply.

I wish you'd told me that sooner.

The bar-mitzvah party was cancelled due to illness.

If it's not too much trouble, I would like some help.

I think there are probably few Japanese who know this side of the Emperor Meiji, the side that left a song like this.