I'm washing my hands of the guilt.

Scotch brand is a type of adhesive tape.

He is taller than his brother.

Celeste has other ideas.


Is there a chance we'll lose our jobs?

He kept staring at me.

Robots are used to manufacture cars.


I'll be down in a minute.

I told Kristin that Arthur was mad at him.

If you see anybody, tell me immediately.

Murthy didn't know where Casey wanted to go.

He made no effort to apologize.

Yes, we were abroad, in Switzerland.

He gorged himself on ice cream.

This is all very disturbing.

Tell Joel to quit doing that.

You're on the home page.

I'm of the same opinion.

Look at that one there.

Oh, nothing special.


The locality does not count for much in Japan.

It seems like he knows the secret.

Asia is the most populated continent in the world.


Thank you for all you've done.


There is no person to do it.

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What is the meaning of this word?

I can't explain it to you.

Could we speak to him?

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Have you kissed Loyd yet?


Now, shut up and listen.

We had an examination yesterday.

Jelske felt his heart beating faster.

They believe that the soul is immortal.

He broke off talking because of the sudden noise.

Why did you bring Tareq here?

Saturn has the lowest density of any planet in our solar system. Its density is so low that it would float if it was placed in water.

Has anybody seen Wade lately?

We don't have any water.


Father is away from home.

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He is nothing but a student.

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I am melting!

I'm going to take the ticket.

Linda never attempted to improve her looks.

Be quiet for a moment.

We deep-fried the turkey.


Whoever she is, I don't want to see her.


I want to sleep now.


I feel secure when I invest in stocks but not bonds.

English is a language abounding in idiomatic expressions.

He said his name was Ruth.

I'm often here.

It's worth considering.

She is much taller than me.

Luis is alive, isn't he?

Everybody turned to look at Knudsen.

I haven't read a newspaper today yet.

Let's study a specific example.

We must keep down expenses.

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Confucius said: "He who does not drink tea is a fool."

You won't be able to get there on time.

What are you going to do about that problem?


Nothing would make me happier.

Let me try again.

Who's going to be here?

He came back home a while ago.

I think we don't need to do this anymore.

GE announced the acquisition of the company Laku for $30 million.

It is better to die honorably than to live in disgrace.

I've just arrived. I haven't even emptied my suitcases yet.

It's too bad he doesn't have a sense of humor.


There are many sights to see in Kyoto.


It was cold that day, and moreover it began to rain.


I've got a six-year-old son.

Show yourself!

We can't believe anything Henry says about Reinhard.

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As he wants to buy a car, he puts aside money.

You know I can do it.

I will never part from you. You must come with me and be my wife. We have gone through many troubles together, and now we will share our joys.


Vernon is able to speak French.


Lee picked up the stamp and took a closer look.

The tree fell down by itself.

You must escape.


I strongly suggest that you study harder.

Blayne wished he'd never met Manny.

My brother can run very fast.

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Lum slammed down the phone.

Today we must do what everyone else will do tomorrow.

I'm afraid she will fail.

The British Parliament is still in the Palace of Westminster.

Perpetual revolutions in technology can mean the devaluation of fixed capital on an extensive scale.

What is happening there?

Everything went black.

I've discussed my concerns with Olaf.

Lewis wouldn't tell me why he wanted a divorce.

He was sitting on a bench with his friend.

Sedat, what's the matter?

My rule always was to do the business of the day in the day.

Whoever has saved the life of even one person will be rewarded as if he had saved the whole world.

The evidence is fairly conclusive.

I knew that Jose wouldn't be able to get the loan.

He was so poor that he could not buy the bread.

Tell her that I am sated.

We wanted to give Saad one more chance.

He soon recovered his composure.

It's about time you showed up.

I didn't go skiing for fear of catching cold.

After the politicians had been elected, they threw their election platform into the fire and pondered how they could make themselves rich as fast as possible.

Shannon broke his left ankle during a rugby match.


Maureen got caught stealing apples.

There's work to do here.

He dropped out when he was in the 7th grade.

Ron and Rafael went to the Luna Park.

Do you get enough exercise?


It's really different from what I expected.


Everyone held their breath to see who would win the presidential election.


While I was taking a walk, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

She is the only trustee of the university who never attended it as a student.

May I see you for a moment?

All the positions are full.

New York is the city you visit the most.

Tell me what I have to do.

She became reconciled with her friend.

I've got kids, too.

No one will be caught by his flattery.

Dorothy got in the car and drove away.

Bernie was married to Rodger.

You don't know them, do you?

She slowly lost hope.

It took a lot of energy to move the furniture.

I hate her parents.


Dan found Linda on the floor of the basement with a serious wound in the head.

The two aims of the Party are to conquer the whole surface of the earth and to extinguish once and for all the possibility of independent thought.

It really is a nice theory. The only defect I think it has is probably common to all philosophical theories. It's wrong.

Kevin was worried about his friend's recent illness.

A lot of students around the world are studying English.

How is the food?

Tovah didn't look all that busy.

It was very good.

I think it's going to take time.

I'll tell him so then.

You look puffy.

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I said I would help you.

Dan tried to get Linda to help his daughter with her studies.

Selena Gomez and the Scene also had good luck with their first album, "Kiss and Tell." It has sold more than a million copies around the world.

May I turn on the TV?

I hated you at first.

The crowd is going nuts.

Edmund isn't as tall as me.

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Be there or be square.


It's too unstable.

Are you scared of something?

I'm not impressed by your magic tricks.

I like my life.

A screen divided the room into two.

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I didn't even kiss her.


I'm pretty sure that Jamie is feeling better today than yesterday.

I looked to see if he was teasing me.

We need to impress Geoff.

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Do you have a sister? Who is she?

He is as thick as two short planks.

Tobias managed to escape from the room where his kidnappers had kept him locked up.

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Let's just go inside.

It wasn't like this before.

We should be paying attention.