This Breast Cancer Research is too Important to Lose

Willie Mae Washington was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 40 years ago while in her early 50s. Willie Mae had few risk factors and her daughter, Ida, always wondered what caused her mother's illness, long since in remission.

The Child Health and Development Studies (CHDS) is working with Ida, Willie Mae and 15,000 other women in a one-of-a-kind research program spanning three generations, to uncover potential environmental causes of breast cancer.

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Current Studies
  • Germline EDC Exposure and Breast Cancer Risk in the 3Gs Study
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  • ReThink Plastic
  • Chemical Safety During Breast Cancer Susceptible Windows
  • Grandparental Exposures and Risk of Austism in the Third Generation
  • MyCHDSReport
  • Early Determinants of Autism Study