I know something Sherri doesn't know.

Our train went at 200 kilometers an hour.

I only wish it were that simple.

He is a person of importance.

I thought I'd know when the time was right.

You're a good kid, Collin.

There's something about Dale that makes her irresistible.

There were a number of cars on the street.

Who can I sell it to?

This is my opinion, not yours.


Dan eluded police for almost two years.


It's getting worse.

He is out of control when drunk.

I apologize for the late reply.


Translating a text requires a certain level of knowledge.

Because of the change in Canadian marriage laws, many American homosexuals came to Canada to get married.

Keiko has a good figure.

They left before the end of the performance.

Marcos didn't say a single word.

Some people dislike eels because they look like snakes.

Can anybody tell me where Dalton went?


It's my favorite dish!

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Please put your baggage on this scale.

We would like to buy a sofa.

I grilled a hotdog for lunch.

He knows how to slaughter a sheep.

I've got to see him.


She forgave him.

I'd like you to talk to Jarmo.

This doesn't involve you, Cristopher.

I'm furious with Ahmet.

Thanks for the invite.

She takes everything for granted.

After taking a bath, Nathan ate dinner.

Can you show me where Mickey Jackson's office is?

Several yachts were sailing side by side far out at sea.

In the 100s BC, Hipparchus, the most important Greek astronomer of his time, calculated the comparative brightness of as many as 1,000 different stars. He also calculated the Moon's distance from the Earth.

Mr Johnson's house is next to my house.


I'm dying of thirst. Give me water!


Brent denied he was married.

I believe Elvis yet lives.

I'm suffering from anal itching.

Ricardo will take care of us.

Let's play some cards.

Rainer thought that Moran didn't drive a car.

They organized a temporary state government.

Can you recommend me a good book?

I've never seen him dance.


I was surprised when Liz asked me to play tennis with him.


I might say yes.

She is said to be a leader in the women's liberation movement.

The bad weather prevented me from leaving.

I wondered if I could be dreaming.

Ugh. I'm so not looking forward to today.

Could you put a little sunscreen on my back?

I only ask out of curiosity.

I regret having to say this.

Do you live in this neighborhood?

They burned the captured supplies.

He presents his arguments with great skill.

I came in third.

Spike didn't say where he was going, did he?

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There are few, if any, supporters of the plan.


The rain caught me by surprise.

Could there be a language as beautiful as mine?

Alone in this world I'll be.

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Ukraine is called "Ukraina" in Ukrainian.

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It is a counterintuitive fact that light objects fall to earth just as quickly as heavy ones.


Florian learned French in school.

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He stopped short.

It's snowing today.

He lit a candle in the dark.

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A book without preface is like a body without a soul.

"I think this wine is really good." "I've had better."

No. I'm sorry, I've got to go back early.

I'm just telling you what I've heard.

Which do you prefer, white wine or red wine?

Let's start with the good news.

For many are called, but few are chosen.

Nicolo and Cristopher decorated the gym with balloons.

How long will the repairs take?

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It's a timed competition.

The perihelion is the point where an object in orbit around the Sun is nearest to the Sun.

What did I say to upset you?

The heroic knight went on a quest to defeat a great monster and won the favor of his lady.

Japanese, be talkative!

I can hear traffic noise all night long where I live.

I can say for certain that my mother's cooking is by no means skillful. I prefer food that is actually properly seasoned, like my wife's. Nevertheless, I want my mother to teach me how to cook. It's her flavors that I've tasted since childhood, you see.

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She listened to the young preacher's sermon.

Are you talking about Michiel?

Thanks for letting me speak.

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I ran a risk of advising her.

She does what she wants.

I think this meets a social need.


The snow will soon disappear.

I'm planning to disguise myself as a doctor.

He is shrewd and calculating.

I am playing with my daughter.

Celia looked very old.

I said that's enough.

What's your favorite part of the day?

I guess he really loves me.

No overseas adoptions yet? What kind of celebrity are you, anyway? Go sit at the kid's table with Kathy Griffin and Gary Busey!


I wonder what Margie can do that I can't do.

He was expected to make a decision.

It appeared a true story.

The nurse is not here.

I thought Ninja was funny.


Americans buy a lot of Japanese cars.

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Son of a bitch!

We didn't go out last night. We could have gone to the cinema but decided to stay at home.

I heard that a woman stabbed a man for eating her lunch.

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Why are you really doing this?

He was wounded in the battle.

I wonder what Brandon told Chris.


He has broad views.

He ordered a beer.

Leora wanted Mac to cook dinner.

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The price is up to you.

They don't think therefore they aren't.

The baby is called Tollefsen.

Many famous artists live in New York.

Wade lent me some money.


Did Rajendra tell you that?


I don't belong here.

Are you really thinking about what's best for Winnie?

We will exempt you from attending.

We bought the man's house.

She repaired my umbrella.

Per motioned to the door.

She started talking with a stranger.


I love my independence.

I want chocolate!

This bag is not big enough.


Everything always goes in one ear and out the other with him.

I've given you my answer already.

She made it plain that she wanted to marry him.

This science fiction story seems interesting. Will you lend it to me when you have finished reading it?

I used to live with Al.

Everyone will be expecting you at the party. You have to show up by hook or by crook.

Please sign these.

I like that dog.

How was the reception?

Roger is going to meet me back at my house.

Torsten forced Mac to give false information to the police.

We must do more than yesterday.

He's too old for me.


Toerless was genuinely troubled.

The store is advertising a sale.

I made some hot chocolate.

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Marie just told me something personal.

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Fifteen people were killed or injured in the accident.

He has much practical experience as a doctor.

I wonder if Eli has ever considered buying a smaller car.

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No, Chinese dishes are the best.

How charmed I am when I overhear a German word which I understand!

If you look over there, you can see a defunct water tower.

Do your own job.

Did it snow last night?


I'd like to climb Mt. Fuji once again.

Do you have a large family?

These oranges have gone bad.

"I must apologise for the state of things" has ended up becoming quite a polite expression these days, hasn't it?

It's precisely what I said from the beginning.