Noisy Terrain

I have been spending the last week reading up on different types of noise. I’ve mostly read up on value noise and Perlin noise and i have found it more difficult than i thought it would be. As of right now, i have terrain generated from value noise and i will try to implement Perlin noise soon. Once i’ve finished i will write up my notes like i did with Fast Voxel Traversal in hope that it might help someone else out.

New Article: Fast Voxel Traversal

For my first post i shall introduce an article that i have recently written. The article is based on the paper “A Fast Voxel Traversal Algorithm” about gathering voxels that are intersected by a ray. It’s main use is to quickly find which voxels the player wants to interact with. I found that there isn’t much information on the internet about the algorithm and how it works. The article is based on my limited knowledge of the algorithm and i hope it can be of use to somebody. The article can be found 7856089400.