Pan-STARRS consists of two telescopes located near the summit of Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii. Pan-STARRS1 is in full operation. The camera on Pan-STARRS2 is currently being upgraded, and Pan-STARRS2 is expected to resume operations in April 2018. Each telescope has a very large digital camera, each with 1.38 Gigapixels. These cameras are the largest digital cameras in the world. The field of view of each telescope is 3 degrees in diameter.

Pan-STARRS spends most of its time searching for Near Earth Objects, and Pan-STARRS1 has become the leading NEO discovery telescope.

We are dynamically updating the discovery statistics from Pan-STARRS1. These statistics run from early 2014, when Pan-STARRS1 became dedicated to 100% searching for NEOs until present.

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