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The spoon is dirty.

The government transported goods to the island by helicopter.

Jeanette was in the garden when it happened.

Clear foresight contributed greatly to his success.

Everybody was thrilled by his story.

It's completely clear that we won't stay here for four weeks.

He cannot have gone so far in such a short time.

I have to be impartial.

The company has a capital of 500,000 pounds.


My mother never gets up early.

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Marian is a Foreign Affairs Liaison who works for the State Department.


I am not insisting on it. If you don't like it, just don't take it.

John made Jong stand up.

Plato is a friend, but the truth is a greater friend.

He is the picture of his father.

I am indeed very glad to hear that.

I was frightened and confused.

Jinchao is no longer working for us.

We'll go over everything again.

You wouldn't like Eduardo.

This substance is in solid state.

Every passenger is searched twice before boarding.

The one I adore is off the market.

What was his motive for doing it?

I retired last year.

You could still hear the prompter in the tenth row.


Ralf asked Tigger to help him with his homework.

The President suspended the constitution and imposed martial law.

I can get us some tickets to Tran's concert if you want to go.

We'll meet in the park.

I've memorized the model number of the charger.

Tell her that I am fed up of her lies.

It's presumptuous to call this a palace. Essentially, it's a big house.

Why won't you just leave me alone?

You can cage the singer but not the song.


Detective Dan Anderson returned to Linda's house armed with a search warrant.

Moses asked us to trust him.

Iron ore occurs there in abundance.

You seem a little stressed.

Jeff regrets doing what he did.

There was no one that did not admire the boy.

You'll have to proportion your expenditure to your income.

Tatoeba grows at a rate of hundreds, or even thousands, of sentences per day.

I believe Edwin did mean that.

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Benjamin is just trolling.

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I need some.


Francis never speaks to Walt.

I was annoyed at his behavior.

Give me your blood, I will give you freedom.

You might want to use this.

Jayant is still kind of depressed.

Floyd was definitely the best-looking guy in our class.

"You're not my real sister. You were adopted." "That's not true!"

How long does it take from here to your house by bike?

The angry wife was on the warpath; she hit her husband with a broom for coming home late and drunk.

Allen escorted Lorenzo out of the building.

We'll find Donal.

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He was active in the resistance.

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Tickets will be allotted in order of application.

Panacea is just trying to get under your skin.

Why don't you telephone the theatre and inquire about tickets?

Perhaps it's time for a change.

Is the book on the chair?

A-ha-ha ... sorry. I forgot my contacts, Unless I'm right here I can't see it.

He has wide shoulders.

Let me put him on.

This is the cultural inheritance of independence.

I want to spend time with Lindsey.

My mother and father are sending me to Boston for the summer to visit my cousins.

I can't live without a TV.

I'm going to go get ready.

Winston persuaded Sigurd to try bungee jumping.

You're being audited.

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His ideas conflict with mine.

I can't figure out how to upload an image.

The posts are spaced three meters apart.


Millions of people lost all their savings.

The highway leading to the city is now free of fallen rocks.

I should've been able to help.

Rayan is a very strong man.

Please help if you can.

It's not very complicated.

I am extremely confused by this. If this is what we call 'the Way of Heaven', then is it right or is it wrong?


Are there any English magazines in this library?

I'll check with you later.

In this country, the majority of the population professes Sunni Islam.

This doesn't make sense to me either.

Inhospitality against the elderly is an unfortunate thing.

The pie was delicious.

He excels in mathematics.

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Wisdom does not consist only in knowing facts.

I love eating bread.

Maybe it would be better to call her "Doctor."

The bus arrived exactly at 8 a.m.

Every cop in Boston is now looking for Kristen.


That's actually the good news.

We can't prove it.

I think it according to reason.


My brother named his cat Huazi.

He seldom orders anything new.

Naren set to work, and cut down the tree; and when it fell, he found, in a hollow under the roots, a goose with feathers of pure gold.

Philippe sees things differently.

Do you eat at home or eat out?

I'll finish the book in four days.

We spent a lot of time with them.

Who do you think is the best coach in the NFL?

I'll do it by all means.


This article is very interesting. Read it.


You need a heart transplant.


I was hoping Shuvra would ask that.


The interpreter tries to provide a mitigated definition.


How many eggs does a fly lay?

Kaj acted as an interpreter for Joon.

I always wear an overcoat when its cold.

I wonder if we could have the table over there.

I told you Brendan would give me something for my birthday.

There is a red rose in the vase.

Juan has curlers in her hair.

I found him covered in blood.

I want to be your ally, not your enemy.

Those two pieces fit together.

Jeffery wasn't sure how to respond to Deirdre's request.


Half the camp went on a hike.

It is always the case with them.

Just talk with Susanne.

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You're not serious.

It's a cruel world out there.

Please remember to put out the light before you go to bed.


The best time of life is when we are young.

He blushed slightly.

These pants tend to go baggy at the knees.

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It's a work in progress.

He couldn't bring himself to shoot the deer.

She made him a new suit.


I hear you don't have to go to Boston.

Ann has constructive ideas.

The church is at the foot of a mountain.

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I asked her what was wrong.

I have an emergency.

I hide behind childish behaviors.

He made a stupid face when I told him that.

That's what I was trying to do.


She corresponds regularly with her pen pal in Australia.

No visitor can remain in the hospital after 9 p.m.

I think she will succeed.


That will be discussed later.

I just want everybody to live.

In the U.S., there are more prisoners than there is jail space for them. So the prisons are overcrowded.

Don't tell me the end of the mystery.

I tried to talk to her.

This bicycle is old, but it's better than nothing.

We cannot help admiring his talent.

What are you even talking about?

Let's see who does that first.

The president held himself responsible for the slump in business, and left his post.

Nobody has to know.

Ethan didn't know who Sofoklis was going to go to Boston with.

I won a free car.

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He wishes he had glorious hair.

Kelvin probably doesn't even know who Karl is.

We're not competitive.

He was easily able to solve the problem.

The clock does not run.


His constant efforts brought about peace.

I'm about to kill the big boss.

I think there's a mistake in my bill.

Can I deposit valuables here?

Elvis came close to being run over.