Dalton rarely asks questions.

There was a terrible accident on the freeway.


Ramanan joined the army.

The tree that does not bear fruit is cut down.

My dress doesn't fit anymore!


You can indulge yourself without spending a fortune.


Frederick is going to shoot Gil if he finds out!

Dan couldn't believe that Linda could do something that dumb.

There is a grain of truth in everything.

Edward succeeded to his uncle's estate.

Justin's home was raided by the police and they found cocaine in plain-sight.

He recognized his son as lawful heir.

I don't think I have enough time to do that.


Don't tell Jin about our accident.

Have you ever been to Boston before?

I haven't heard anything yet.

She was in a silk dress.

His children have grown up.


She's a songwriter.


I chose this dictionary of my own accord.

We don't even need this.

I wish you had said something to us before.


Murph is concerned about Elsa.

Andrea believes he can succeed where others have failed.

I think Hal is a coward.

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Shai has three cars and a motorcycle.

Do you know what Sal's surname is?

I'll never forget how helpful you've been.


Despite being rich, he is not happy.

What will happen to her if her father is taken away?

The money will be enough to carry me to Hong Kong.

Cancer took him.

Byron may be injured or dead.


I had to do it you fool!

Hold in your stomach.

Did Lex do this?

He must be stopped at all costs.

What makes you want to look up passionate?

It would be stupid to say yes.

Could you set a date soon so I can see the house?

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It's a date.


What's got you so bothered?


He walked past the house.


He became so ill that he died two hours later.

We hate the rules.

Will it be a difficult exam?

I can understand it.

The exchange of goods and services between the two countries is on the rise.

You're free.

He gazed at me.

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Division by zero is a big no-no in mathematics.

How long does it take for the airport bus to get to the airport?

He wounded his wife with a knife.

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After he stated his belief that prostitution was the oldest profession in the world, he refused to change his mind.

No one gave up hope.

We did the sights of Yokohama.


Clare coughed again.

Not all things that happen happen on this world.

Does it matter to you?


Are you willing to help her?

It'll cost you a lot to furnish your apartment.

Yes, that is most certainly so.


Japan will need more labor to cope with its declining birthrate.

Two, four, six and eight are even numbers.

Please get off the couch.

Are you willing to join me?

Ti doesn't feel comfortable talking about his feelings.

The crowd is young.

Is his father a doctor?

A big tree in the field was struck by lightning.

Most of the adults there were swimming with their children.

The aircraft was conducting aerial reconnaissance.

She swam towards the sun.

Did he succeed in passing the examination?

Liber thought that the amulet would protect him from werewolves.


He lives alone in an apartment.


His ranch covers twenty square miles.


The two met each other at a vocational college for animation.

I made her my secretary.

I don't know what happens here.

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I want to go to Sweden.

Everyone ignored us.

I need you to tell me what you know about what happened.


Go to school and study!


You have no idea how much that means to me.


Sedovic has never fallen in love.

Blake is holding a bouquet of flowers.

Have you ever mentioned this to the teacher?

Come over tonight. I will show you how.

Ro suggested that I change the lock on my door.

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All the strikers came out of the building in indignation.

You said you loved him.

It just takes confidence.

I am a lover of liberty. I will not and I cannot serve a party.

Why are you telling me all of this?

Soon we saw a house whose roof was red.

I miss my mother very much.

I thought Ira would be at this meeting.

I enjoyed myself at the party last night.

Did you speak to her yesterday?

This sentence states exactly how the writer feels.

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I'm going to pick her up.


Brent asked me where I had bought my bicycle.

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There's dust on the table.

Pim wants it.

The clitoris is the most sensitive organ of a woman.


will you move here again?

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Kurt wants to protect me.

Everybody knows that.

I've never come across such a strange case.

You mean the world to me.

I got a pair of new shoes.


I've come to save you.

They gave mutual help to each other.

I have three times as much money as you.

My schedule is really tight right now.

I told her that I wasn't ready.

You must associate with people of good character.

We all thought Daniele would be here tonight.

Many languages use English words.

You're original.

Today my baby was born.

That may have been true when you were a kid, but it's not true anymore.


He is strong, brave and, above all, kind.

Gale is annoying, isn't he?

You should help your mother clean the living room.

Come here! I mean you.

I should have read the insurance policy more carefully.

Her story excited curiosity in the children.

Who do I live for?


Does Amos really want to do that?

What's the matter, Suresh? Are you going to cry?

She turned off the radio.

Act your place.

Did you hear my son play the violin?

They saw something odd.

Kuldip filled the bathtub with hot water.


I'd like to get to know Mohammad better.


Myron picked up a book, opened it, and started reading it.


You can't smoke during work hours.

You're playing with me, aren't you Eva?

I don't like to be interrupted.

The tycoon endowed each son with a million dollars.

Elliot smiled knowingly.

The Japanese language plays an important role in promoting peace in the world.

I'm not going to make it there on time.

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The Moon's gravity is responsible for the ocean tides on Earth.


Would you mind calling a doctor for me?

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Stand up if you hate Scotland!


That is no business of his.

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You have to audition to join the choir.

I think it's time for me to accept responsibility for that problem.

I don't peel their fruits.

Christina said you were looking for me.

Social norms shape our behavior.

Amir doesn't remember having said that.

Nothing's working out for me today.