I don't like his taste in color.

Did you like my hairstyle?


I'm very sleepy and it's late.

I'm a bird!

I believe it's time to wake up Robert.

I like his personality, but I don't find him attractive.

I know how to do this.

The population of China is larger than that of India.

A long time ago, there lived a tailor who had three sons, but only one goat.

It's a little late for prayer.

Tell Joseph you're sick.


Tomas says he's going to try to help you find Alison.


It's behind schedule.

The player made a bad move, and now the scoreboard is once more against him.

I left the firm, because I wanted to be on my own.

How much money does he have?

I've never been so uncomfortable in my entire life.


The garden is at its best in spring.

Do you think Knapper can help you?

How's that going?

I cannot think about that.

Most Native Americans in Mexico speak Spanish.

The bright sun was shining.

Don't do that ever again.

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I can see now I was wrong.


Mott couldn't understand why Margaret had to leave.

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What beautiful weather!

You cannot catch a heavy box with one hand.

Many people were arrested.

I have way too much stuff.

Certainly, these things are true.


Are you still watching these things?

The members told us about the strange experience in turns.

Why do you want stamps?

I can't get that song out of my head.

I was emotionally drained after listening to Gregge rave on about his marriage problems for two hours.

Could I have a moment alone with Moran, please?

I want to wait and see what they propose.


Spudboy won't be here until 2:30.

Kee didn't know how lucky he was.

I have to do a little research.

"Son has given everything he had to the nursing staff." "Just what? His baseball card collection and wine bottles?"

Every spring I am anxious to get out in the garden again.


That's immoral.

Oh, like that!

Geoff is a veterinarian.


My name is Farshad.

The man is too wise to do such things.

Let me back in.

He did not believe that I understood his tactics.

Once in a while, I visit the theater.


Please come to our town some day.

Which one is cheaper?

Janice still loves me, I hope.

That old man had been making homemade whiskey for fifty years.

I needed just that.


Do you any idea what this might be?

Stephan asked for a beer.

I will smoke and I don't give a fuck about what you say.

Kevyn doesn't want to be dependent on his parents.

Steak lies heavy on the stomach.

I made breakfast.

You didn't seem to want that book.

Theory and practice do not necessarily go together.

She made him a cake for his party.

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I kept a diary in French when I was a student.

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Please, by all means, drop in when you go shopping.

Caleb treated Srivatsan like his own daughter.

Could you please get me a taxi?

Few passengers survived the accident.

What Brett thinks doesn't matter now.


Her advice to me was to work harder.


Brent is helpful, isn't he?

Is that wrong?

You know many things, don't you?

He is an author.

What is the jacket made of?


I'm sorry to hear that Spock is so sick.

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Are you watching carefully?


Blow me down!

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Did Julianto see you come in?

I was surprised when Lori said he was unhappy here.

What's made you think that I'd want to kiss you?

I can't imagine what life on another planet would be like.

Steven was not surprised by what he read in the report.

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Travelling is easy these days.

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I can't tell you all my secrets.

Have you both lost your minds?

Are you bored here?

The general strike paralyzed the whole country.

The criminal escaped from the prison.


This feels wrong.

John, a friend of mine, told me so.

I want a green one.

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We should let you see them.

You hate your job, don't you?

We watched her drive her car away, until it was no more than a dot in the distance.

Who are you texting now?

A great revolution has taken place in technology.

I've been married.


The mother breastfed her child on the bus.

Beverly and Alejandro took turns caring for the baby.

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Where's the boy?


Teruyuki pushed the door open and looked inside.

This is a good book for children to read.

I want this one.

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It was not until yesterday that we knew about it.


He's very fond of science fiction.

He has left already.

He adds over a couple of hundreds sentences.

He is trying to quit smoking.

Ro didn't seem busy.

You could've heard a pin drop in the restaurant after Darren slapped Klaus in the face, threw a glass of wine over him and stomped out.

With the fever that you have you cannot go out of the house.

Remember what Darin told us.

I know what Gigi saw.

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Who's Leigh? Is he your new boyfriend?

Do you go often?

I cannot dispense with a coat in winter.

Over 68 percent of Earth's freshwater is locked up in ice and glaciers; and another 30 percent is in groundwater.

Excite the mind: words.


I think Mosur hates me.


I can't stand violence.

Raymond felt like a new man.

Wolf has not yet arrived.

Andries signed a waiver.

The shops look merry with their bright toys and their green branches.

If I had studied Spanish last year as I am doing these months, I would speak much better now.

She is second to none in swimming in her school.

Whatever language you study, it takes time.

Today I went to the shopping centre with my mother.

Have you done your Christmas shopping?

The door opened by itself.

"Who is the guy in the picture?" "I don't know who he is."

The conference is to be held in Tokyo.

That was the intent.

That's a very complicated question.

I was hoping to receive an e-mail from Ronald today.

The period is missing at the end of the sentence.

Anton entered the bedroom quietly.

It's all right.

Algeria is situated in North Africa.

Where do you wish you were right now?

Since when do you listen to my phone calls?

Ami was in pain, but tried to hide it.


Mikael was carrying a glass of water.

Sandeep makes the best spaghetti in the world.

Toft had his shirt tucked in, but John had his shirttail out.

Usually Nanda uses a fleshlight for self-satisfaction.

Tell us a story!

He was underwater for three minutes.

She made a scene.

Do you think Bernie is upbeat?

This white coat will look very nice on you.

"That's clear evidence of guilt," said Archie. "Finally," replied Maria.

I thought Naomi had quit smoking.


I still have some pain in my knee.

We asked Glenn to let us stay.

There was only one case of chicken pox at the school.

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We have a warrant to search your house.

They're both expecting babies.

I'm still upset.


He will be calling on me next month.