None of those things happened.

I want your feedback.

On her ninety sixth birthday, Caroline Herschel was awarded the King of Prussia's Gold Medal of Science for her life long achievements.

What happened to all our money?

He was a good friend of mine.

In the summer, we're used to going swimming in the river.

You're looking a little pale.

Maybe we can sit at a table near the window.

If it rains tomorrow, the excursion will be canceled.


You have to choose between honor and death.

Each of the students has his own locker.

A fantastic Norwegian fall is coming.

Joon didn't make friends as easily as Hal.

She was disappointed with the result.


My mother washes clothes every day.

I would've said no.

In America, many people have fences around their homes.


Dan was a ruthless killer.

Is there a zoo in the city?

Don't run about wildly in the room.


It's time to take a bath.

She coaxed him out of his dark mood.

Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

Style is the man himself.

Do you have a picture of me?


Forget what I just told you.

They were arrested along with their friends.

Is that the train I have to take?

Now I am very interested in the Italian Renaissance.

You're mad and you have every right to be.

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No matter what he says, don't trust him.

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What is the weather in Athens?

My father was a teacher.

If you went to sleep immediately it would have been better.

I've said too much already.

I only saw one person on the beach.

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Are you sure Stefan knows what he's doing?


When do I get my reward?

Stu isn't very dependable.

Marsha helped Kristen make dinner.


You're the problem, Orville.

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It is certain that he is wrong.

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Man flows at once to God when the channel of purity is open.

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I am very pleased to see you again.

Who else was there?

I haven't got the foggiest notion what you're talking about.

They're treating me like a child.

You're no less a victim than anyone else here.


This must be the wrong place.

That's what you deserve.

The two premiers had nothing in common.

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She walks to work.

There are many factors.

Taiwan was hit by a powerful earthquake.

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Look what's happened.


Vice can no longer live here.

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That'll really make me sick.

Where do you know him from?

When is your school festival?

Don't you wish you were going with Israel?

Other than the things I have just listed, nothing else has a given property.

Lum was rescued by Gordon.

He dressed him.


You will banish him.

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I am not rich, fat or happy.

He's looking at me.

It's up to you to get to school on time.


You must act under the leadership of your supervisor.

This is my opinion, not his.

Why is he sitting there for so long?

I want my sandwich with four slices of tomato and roasted, not raw.

This film is classified as suitable for general exhibition.

We have a job to do.

Our shelves were empty.

Look at what you've done. Are you happy?

Wilson didn't have time to explain everything to Bertrand.

Don't do the duck-face in your mirror self-shots!

I live in the Andromeda Galaxy.

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They won't let him in.


She managed to learn to drive a car.

He argued as follows.

You can weigh your baggage in this balance.


Howard asked Valerie not to go without him.

Mother stays at home every day.

If I forget, please remind me.


The bus will be leaving pretty soon.


Where is the closest train station?

I'm helping Chuck with his science project.

I was always good at math.

Can you provide us with references?

I'm done working.

We'll deal with it later.

That's the chair that I really like.

Did a policeman say anything to you?

Vance doesn't go to school by bus.

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It looks harmless enough.

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Dan was surprised by Linda's reaction.

I'd rather not eat this.

Seenu's cellphone rang.

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I can't run as fast as you.

What time is it now in San Francisco?

I don't know whether I will win or lose.

He put the book on the table.

Get rid of this vomit yourself!

This surprised many people.

They expect us tomorrow at 2:30.

I'd like some more butter.

Josh has one son and two daughters.

Takayuki looked around to make sure they were alone.

It's Thursday.

Sorry. You forgot your lighter at the table.

I'll assist in any way I can.

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Not to be taken lightly, local amusement parks. Couples, families, as far as can be seen people, people, people.


I know Joni died.

Take the shortest route to Paris.

Read the article again.

I don't work on Sunday.

Hazel did everything he possibly could to help.

Things are getting too dangerous around here.

How's work going?

It's clear Lenora is unhappy.

I remember the day I met her.


He won't hurt you.

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Randall rode his bicycle to school yesterday.

Antonella approached the growling dog.

I enjoyed myself exceedingly, not disdaining the supper, everything being most delicious.

It is a bird.

How do you know all that stuff?

Our dog will bite strangers.

I'm definitely going to vote.


A good idea occurred to me last night.

Is that what it was?

We lived in Boston for three years.


I told you this was a waste of time.

You can't count on anyone to help you with this.

My coworker really knows how to suck up to the boss.

Catherine didn't need to go to the meeting.

I saw them a short time ago.

Are you going to hide?

Granville ought to stay in Boston for a while.

I've been to the station to meet a friend.

Since it's written in simple English, this book is easy to read.


Laurie fell in love with me.


Put your clothes away.


The audience applauded.

I don't need to be here right now.

Ruth hasn't cooked the eggs yet.


There are so many.

I am smoking a Cuban cigar.

In late August, they set off on a long journey for breeding.

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I wish Boyce would come back home.

She broke the tragic news to her mother.

It's time for cake.

The horses are pulling the harrow.

Were you expecting something else?

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It'll be dark by the time we get to Boston.

I don't pay them any mind.

Varda and Van didn't say anything to each other.