A book has pages.

The giant awoke!


Do you like it when I do this?

He is not the kind of person who is open to discussion.

It weighed about 14 kilograms.


Keep talking.

We haven't seen Lynn in a long time.

I don't expect any complications.

I have an important message.

I gave him what little money I had with me.

Both the old and young are guilty of sinning.

They wrote that song together.

Shamim said he knows Janos's secret.

Radek has nothing to lose.

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You are deranged.


When the counter value reaches the assigned 'lucky-number' it displays a congratulatory message.

See what's going on.

I'm not a woman.

She got no answer from him.

I'd like to travel first-class.


I think William might have said something he shouldn't have.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you something important.

I'm three years younger than he is.

Mom-and-pop bakeries were overwhelmed by supermarkets.

Were you looking at him?


He's quite authoritative.

He died before the rescuers arrived.

To each his own.

Are you more a summer person or a winter person?

Mr Hashimoto was puzzled by Ken's question.

He put his hand on my knee under the table.

I need to finish reading this book.

We used to live in Boston.

It had first been suggested that he be skinned alive, that lead be poured into his entrails and that he be let to starve.

My grandmother is already more than ninety years old.

Price asked Carter who she thought was the best-looking guy in her class.

Thank you for your business!

You know what this is, don't you?

His right leg was asleep.

It has been snowing day after day.

Find how they lived, and you'll find how they died.

I'm the last one who talked to Randal.


It's too bad, but your character gets killed at the start of the play.


You must do it for yourself.

What I really want is for Kurt to teach me how to play a few chords on my guitar.

When it had stopped raining, he went for a walk.

He stole my money from the safe.

Why don't you follow your sister's example for just once?

I spent the whole weekend at home on the computer.

Their son's name is Jwahar.

Look out for cars in crossing the street.

This university was founded by Vishal Jackson.

She cried with joy how lucky she was.

The two banks consolidated and formed a single large bank.

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She comes home at about six as a rule.

You have to pay at the toll plaza.

What's your response?

I'm being helped.

We shall see.

I still haven't decided what to give Marsh for his birthday.

I'm the one who gave her that.


It never occurred to me that she loved me.

Joanne has to do that now.

What a clever idea!


I was waiting for you to tell me what you hope I'll do.

That's Morris's office.

Forty people can't fit in here.


I'm definitely going to vote.

Herbert took out a loan in order to buy a car.

I'll take that matter upon myself.


You are the most boring person I know.

The spectators in the gallery were making a lot of noise.

It's a good camera.

I was there for two days.

Come home soon.

You have a keen sense of direction.

Graeme never seems to be very happy.

My father is an early bird; he gets up at 5:30 every day.

Saul always keeps me waiting.


Straka is really happy, isn't he?

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Hartmann and Michel are angry.

I'm almost positive.

They buried those who had died in battle according to military tradition.

Make sure that all of you arrive at nine.

Can I speak with you for a moment?

I have occasional pains in the stomach.

You have to fulfil his duties.


Don't tell me to shut up.

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The radio plays the latest songs.

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I agree with you completely.

Please take this back to the office.

Fay and Kristian stared into each other's eyes.

I can't understand why.

She's as mad as a hatter.

I feel very sick.

Jeff didn't tell Terri about the accident.


We ran out of money.

I've known him for more than ten years.

Stop pretending to be someone else just to have someone in your life. The right people will like you as you are and the other ones won't last.


I honestly don't get it at all.


He tried hard, but he failed.


I didn't hire them.

The wound left a scar on my arm.

It's a great day for a hike.

If I knew an answer to this question, I would tell it to you.

You continue making the same mistakes time after time.

He had come back from China.

Betty got her hair done this afternoon.

The scientists looked at tree-ring data.

It's true that a ghost appeared at my house.

I'm actually having fun tonight.

We must water the flower.

They were outside.

Everyone knows.

Black hens lay white eggs.

I'm surprised by the similarities between French and Italian in some cases.


Jerrie bends over backwards to please Felix.

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I belong to the House of Martok.


A doctor's instruments must be kept absolutely clean.

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If you want to talk to Heinrich about this, let me know and I'll give you his number.

Has anyone found a wallet?

Florian tossed her hair over her shoulder.


The regional council is dominated by the left wing.


She has a bath every morning.

Directly the bell rang, we got up.

I didn't know where to go.

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I tried to focus my attention on reading.


You must assimilate into new surroundings.


The rain prevented us from playing baseball.


Hirofumi thinks that'll work.

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Let me know your exam results.

If I screw up, what's the worst that can happen?

I never thought I'd see him there.

His grave is there.

I ripped my pants.

They faced the peril of falling rocks.

Please, urinate in this vessel!

Hopefully, it won't rain this evening.

How many arithmetic books are left?

I wish you luck.

Bonnie should've kissed Ning when he had the chance.

Much love to the children.

Some Americans joined the Communist Party.

Does this bus go to the beach?

Even if you rack your brains over it, you won't solve it.

Our walk was spoiled by the wind and the rain.

He is weighted down with various cares.

I never forget too.

Look, I want you to do me a favor.


Izumi wants to spend more time with his family.

It was nearly pitch black.

That is the way things went for a while.

It will probably snow tomorrow.

We should sit down.

He made nothing of the fact and failed.

She is too young to understand that her father died.

Don't quote me.

Markus couldn't answer all of Troy's questions.


Do you want to share it?

It was the perfect place for monsters to hide.

The riverside bristles with factory chimneys.

This is the first time I've cut my finger with a knife.

Buses, trains and planes convey passengers.


Lewis is charming.