Cris told me you were helpful.

Just tell Micah what we found out.

Let's translate this sentence in all the languages of the world.

We're all hoping it happens.

This power station alone provides several cities with electricity.

Well, that's not quite true.


One of the suitcases is completely empty.


How many bags did you have?

So how did you really feel?

You are going to have to pay for it.


She was standing amid the ruins of the castle.

Some of them did very little work.

Judge snuck out of the room.

I want to kill someone.

These days more and more young people talk to their elders on even terms.

It's very easy to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, but reading fluently texts written in Cyrillic characters is quite difficult for those who are just starting to learn Russian.

I heard my name called from behind me.


I never went away from you.

"'Fox's wedding'." "Er ...?" "Today, with an 81 percent likelihood, it will be clear skies but, depending on location, there will be sun showers."

Do you believe in evolution?

Teleportation became a stable means of transportation by the 24th century.

Molly appeared a moment later.

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Brett painted the walls white.

Do you think that the police will find Hienz?

I want to find out the source of this irresponsible rumor.

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Do you know where your keys are?

I admit that it's strange.

Rabin told me everything I wanted to know.

Polish nails are more expensive than the Chinese ones.

Sonny took a walk in the park.

You seem to have a crush on Pete.

Only the elected President may deliver an opening address.

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I sort of doubt it.

You have only to wait for her return.

Nobody else would help her.

This park is more beautiful than that.

He has more than a thousand books.

She wanted him to take care of her parents.

Novorolsky was just sitting in his car, looking at people walk by.

I've never eaten Chinese food.

The cleaning staff is cleaning the men's bathroom.

We don't deserve this.

I think so, too.

I met him at the end of the platform.

It's good to know.

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I don't want to know the truth.


Did it rain here yesterday?

I'd like two tickets, please.

You have to speak English here.

If I were prime minister, I'd give Clinton a good talking to.

It looks a lot worse than it is.

Aimee wanted to call the police, but Soohong wouldn't let him.

A DNA test proved he was innocent.

How could I forget?

You don't have to go to an art school in order to be an artist.

I just had a little chat with Betty.

What were they imprisoned for?

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Bobbie thought that Siping would be on time.

Could you give me a ride to the station?

Stop being stupid.

French is spoken in France.

I think I know where Jenine put his keys.

I don't know what Caleb did, but it worked.

He framed the picture he had bought on the street.


I think Douglas is a bit too impatient.

We are opposed to war.

Illegal logging has decreased considerably.

They would not understand.

She looked lovely.

The girl went to school in spite of her illness.

It's the trend that counts.

She always speaks ill of others.

Randolph isn't coming till tomorrow.


We're here on vacation.

Is this your daughter?

How did Dorian know so much about what went on here?

I don't think Fay has ever seen this before.

Teach me how to fold a paper crane. I forgot how to fold it.

Dewey is really good at chess.

He was happy that he passed that exam.

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"Four pounds, ninety pence," Bob answers.

He succeeded to the family business.

If I were to be reborn, I would like to be a bird.


I have a lot of money in my savings account.


She's Australian.


We'll manage without it.

I assure you this is only temporary.

The man is not concerned in this project.


If tomorrow is Monday, then today is Sunday.

Nudists regard nudity as normal.

Art was in its golden age in Venice during the Renaissance.

Ramanan looked annoyed.

No, he is my friend, Doctor Watson.

This girl is the most intelligent.

Answering that question is easy.


Pontus walked down the hall with Gil.


We all suspect him of murder.

I don't think you should tell Lukas what to do.

Stephan has found a way to do it.

Eric couldn't go on the hike because he wasn't feeling well.

This wall feels cold.


The snow has accumulated knee-deep in Boston.

I have to clean the equipment, pack it away.

He was happy, poor as he was.

Marek is being punished because of me.

He seemed to read at random.

Manjeri never complains.

What an exciting time to be alive.


Do you want me to help you clean your garage?

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I saw his car veering to the left.

I didn't mean anything by that.

There was a small group of men standing in front of the fountain.

Jingbai's crying.

Jarvis has already eaten dinner.

His office is convenient for the station.

Naim is a solid and determined man, but sometimes he's as impetuous as a river of molten lava.

He tends to get angry over trifles.

He had a kind word and a pleasant smile for everyone.

I know where you're going.

Moe made me do things I didn't want to do.

Pollution problems on Earth necessitated finding homes outside of Earth.

Boston is the city I will be moving to.

He was raised in an artistic family.

You could hurt yourself.


It's an easy choice.

Don't forget to fasten your safety belts.

I don't want you to quit the team.

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I just hope Casper stays awake until Sandip gets home.

He is always as busy as a bee.

I can't lie to him again.

It started a chain reaction.

We didn't add articles to our blog.

Because of the thick fog, the street was hard to see.

My sister is suffering from a bad cold now.

Ranjit said he thought we should try to get there early.

Ken has a guitar.


How did you answer him?


Dani closed the door behind himself.

Cristi has the most clothes of all her friends.

I would have wanted to be a famous soccer player.

I can see the coke in your nose.

Do you like grits?

They both turned and stared at Raul.

We were probably in junior high the last time we went there together.

The scar shows clearly.

I'm angry!

Don't point the laser at my face!

Let's see what Anatoly has to say about Chuck's plan.

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What are you preparing?


I'm ready to leave whenever you are.


Kerri broke his new toy.

Briggs wears too much makeup.

I should've told her no.

Needless to say, dealing in rice is a declining industry.

I'll have to ask you to leave.

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Ahmed wasn't surprised that Brent was afraid.

We should call her.

I've been looking for Ariel.

The Soviet Union and its allies refused help.

Ji went to the lake.

Sanand doesn't understand what you want.

He's very intelligent.


They searched the area between the river, the farmhouse, and the woods.

His house is easy to find.

Vladimir wondered if Antony had also heard the same rumors he'd heard.


The only thing that matters is whether or not you can do the job.

He doesn't walk.

Patty just wants to have fun.