The paper is under the table.

Why don't we talk over coffee?


Do you want me to bring you anything?

My father used to own a store dealing in meat and fish.

How much do you think Pandora weighs?

The American flag has fifty stars.

I'll help Helge.

Hillary is very gregarious while Sri is quite antisocial.

I don't care about the law.

It was heartbreaking.

Do you want me to come in with you?


Would you prefer to speak in English?


You get more beautiful every year.


The Netherlands won the 2010 World Cup.

I saw Ernest and his dog in the park.

I went into partnership with him.

Are you sure you turned off the stove?

I wish that I had known.


Jwahar told me he doesn't have much time.

I had a puppy when I was a boy.

Keith worked all day long.

I don't know if that's a good idea.

He was angry with her.


That is a very good question.


Ms. Sato is the president's new secretary.

That woman is much older than I.

Please give him a dose of medicine every six hours.

The door opened and Clifford walked in.

Anton is filing her nails.

Cookie is under 5 years old.

Ravindranath doesn't like working the graveyard shift.

Where is the book that I read?

I don't have anything else I can give you.

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Liyuan said you were cool.

It was my suitcase.

It just got too expensive.

I take it that's unusual.

My car looks shabby in comparison with his new one.

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Scorpions are dangerous.

Merril played the guitar and Vic sang.

I hope we find her.

Butler went to a fortune teller at the town fair and was told that someone would come into his life whose first name started with "M".

If you worry too much, you'll go bald.

I don't know how much time we have.

Who will be the next president of the United States?


"Who is the captain?" "Jun." "Oh no, we're in trouble."

I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

When will you go on a journey?


Her father was the editor of a German newspaper in Latvia.

Looking back at 2010, I think I wasted too much time.

I'll wait here until he comes back.

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They moved a year ago.

I can't imagine what things living on another planet are like.

I know that this doesn't really matter.

Did I give you enough time?

These are questions that I can't answer.

Why did the tomato blush? Because it saw the salad dressing.

I'm just tired.

You shall have a new bicycle for your birthday.

Sal is a romantic.


I don't care much for coffee.

I'd like to live near your house.

I would like to visit the Great Wall this year.

Angus seems almost happy to be here today.

Since then, you were in a state of stupor for two months.

She will be coming to see me this afternoon.

Russia should give Kuril islands back to Japan.

Give me just a minute, would you?

Wasn't Elliot in Boston with you?

Do you know how many people starve to death in the world annually?

I am very competent.

The result of the census led the left wing to believe that their policy was wrong.

Let's get the party going.

I'll call you when I get to Boston.

Are you sure you can do that?

Seems I'm the only one.

Arson is a criminal act.

I'm almost certain that Joseph will be at the meeting tomorrow.

Jim rang the bell.


I have never eaten Chinese food.

Shutoku took a clipboard out of his briefcase.

On the way to school I lost my wallet.


Where should we go next?

Copenhagen is a bike-friendly city.

We had to start our business from zero.

I found out something interesting today at work.

I'll get this bag for you.


See it's simple, either I am right or you are wrong.


The little girl is not capable of riding a bicycle.

Do you see the man or the wolf?

The piano was made of beautiful, dark brown wood.

Well, let's talk turkey.

I'll put sugar in my coffee.

I will meet you off the train tomorrow.

I play football every day.

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She went to bed, having set the alarm for seven.

Take the treasure and take good care of it.

The new Pope is not a woman and that's not a surprise.

It looks like the world didn't end on December 21st after all.

When is your birthday?

I never did thank you for all the help you gave me.

We've been together for three years.


He went through a very hard time.

Are you going to buy that or not?

Shoes are required.


My dog always barks at the mailman.

The pond was encircled with trees.

It looks like nobody's home.

Billie picked up one end of the couch and looked under it.

A bum is someone who doesn't pretend to work.

She has a cottage by the sea.

People always cut the corner at junctions.

I am not insisting on it. If you don't like it, just don't take it.

He promised not to tell another lie.

I'm starting to think you enjoy being with me.

You should head home.

I've had a good time.

I recently met an old friend.

The river is also polluted.

I can't make ends meet now.

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She wouldn't let up until I agreed to go to the movies with her.


It's time to wake up!

You do not have to take your umbrella with you.

We should get dinner.

Cooperate with your friends in doing the work.

Many high-level officials attended the meeting.

They took an airplane from Berlin to Istanbul.

I'm too scared to go there by myself.


I never did thank you for all the help you gave me.

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Clayton seems to have missed the point.

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He is going to be a doctor when he grows up.

This tastes moldy.

When the weather had cleared, the children began to play baseball again.

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Gigi hugged Liber and then kissed her.

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We all have to contribute.

We tried to contact the other ship.

You must respect and see to it that others respect the lawns!

Rajiv is extremely talkative.

Geoffrey won't be happy if he sees me here.

What makes one sad about love, it is not so much to not be loved when you love, but to still be loved when you do not love anymore.

I am feeling nauseous.

I just need one more.

Have you made up your mind?


Teresa was convinced he'd been betrayed.


What is running across the room? - A mouse or something.

I'd suggest inserting a comma.

Dan drove Linda to his house to meet his parents.

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Get control of yourself.

We discussed it plenty of times.

It was sensible of you to follow her advice.


I own one cat.

He's a Sephardic Jew.

I think I know who the other guy is.

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If you need anything, ring my bell any time. I'll be glad to help you.


All I can do at the moment is wait.

Kit isn't too smart.

Hirotoshi robbed me of every penny I had.


They say there are ghosts in this old house.

"They say so" is half a lie.

I'm afraid I can't do that. Leaving the cooker while frying is completely out of the question.


Let's ask him something else.


Novo thought the car Billie was driving wasn't safe.


We all have our cross to bear.