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  • The 1970s Global Cooling Consensus was not a Myth
     4 hours ago from
    [update, reference sheet is now linked at the bottom of post] By Angus McFarlane, There was an overwhelming scientific consensus in the 1970s that the Earth was headinginto a period of significant...
  • 810-369-5963
     6 hours ago from Science Daily
    Scientists are now homing in on the secrets behind animals' super sniffers to develop an artificial chemical sensor that could be used for a variety of tasks, from food safety to national security.
  • 3045598266
     6 hours ago from Science Daily
    A study by an international team of researchers have determines that carved stone tools, also known as Levallois cores, were used in Asia 80,000 to 170,000 years ago...
  • A previously unappreciated interaction in the genome turns out to have possibly been one of the driving forces in the emergence of advanced life. This discovery began with a curiosity for retrotransposons,...
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  • (819) 552-4779
     Sat, 25 Nov 17, 8:18am   (661) 303-9615
    Trombe Walls can provide free heating, cooling and ventilation. We explain how Trombe Walls work; how to build a Trombe Wall and how such a wall saves money by reducing energy usage.
  • Building orientation to the Sun is important to reduce energy consumption, keeping comfortable and saving money. This article explains how best to get building orientation correct. Through a combination of benefits and opportunities the correct building orientation could save you thousands.
  • Home Battery Storage Buying Guide
     Sun, 12 Nov 17, 9:23pm
    Buying a Solar Home Battery Storage system can be a confusing undertaking, in this guide we examine the issues, clear up the confusion and give you useful advice.
  • 6173295509
     Mon, 30 Oct 17, 4:06am
    Electricity costs are constantly increasing. This article explains 10 top tips that are cost effective and practical.
  • Septic Systems - The Dirty Truth
     Mon, 30 Oct 17, 4:01am
    This article provides a no nonsense guide to picking and maintaining a Septic System for your house and how things are soon to change in the regulatory space that could impact your choice.
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  • Kirsten on 2292365386
     “That is all great advice! Thanks!”
  • stu on DIY Decking Oil
     “If Pale Boiled linseed oil has a drying agent agent to it already, why not use that, instead of having to...”
  • Hannah & Kate on The importance of building orientation
     “Hi, were doing a school project on energy efficiency for a north facing house in the Southern Hemisphere (Seaford...”
  • Luis Salazar on R-Value Calculator
  • Hafizullah on 450-474-6370
     “Dear Mr/Madam, Have a nice day, 1-How can find density of foam rigid insulation for R- Value, what is the...”
  • Sharon Buydens on 2487878809
     “Gosh, after looking at tons of passive solar home design books (and writing one--I was wanting to give an...”
  • Chris Curnow on (910) 506-0807
     “I must be missing something here. I can't see anything about R-values or U-values here?”
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  • Are Lithium Ion Batteries Safe?
     Thu, 30 Mar 17, 9:25pm
    We ask if Lithium Ion Batteries are actually safe for use in home power storage systems or not? Lithium Ion batteries, like all batteries, store their power using a chemical process. Different...
  • The new solar batteries Comparison Table is now live. After much hard work, the Solar Batteries Comparison Table is now live. This lists the most common batteries for use with solar panels...
  • 630-358-0047
     Wed, 16 Mar 16, 8:39pm
    The AGW alarmists seem to think the Feb 2016 sudden uptick in temperature is caused by Co2, this is not the case, its a strong El Niño - as it matches what has happened before. Given the current screaming...
  • This video exposes the gross hypocrisy of the Green movement and the damage their policies are causing to the environment and peoples standard of living - their are effectively anti-people and dangerous...
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    Climate Change / Global Warming, what it is, is it real and how it effects us.
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    Making sure what you build is green, sustainable and energy efficient is of prime importance.
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    Organic food is not only good for you, its good for the environment as well. Learn about how to grow it or who supplies it.
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    All you want to know about Solar Power and using them with batteries in a residential or commercial context.
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Flooring the gas pedal not only wastes gas, it leads to drastically higher pollution rates. One second of high-powered driving can produce nearly the same volume of carbon monoxide emissions as a half hour of normal driving.
Buy used furniture
As a business owner; when appointing your office, check out online auction sites  for cheap or free used furniture. You can also check out remanufactured cubicles for both cost and environmental savings.
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