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Welcome to Oracle9i Application Server


The Oracle9iAS documentation set consists of the documentation library and the platform-specific documentation.

  • The Oracle9iAS documentation library contains administration, configuration, and development documentation. The documentation library is on its own CD-ROM in the Oracle9iAS CD pack.

  • The Oracle9iAS platform-specific documentation includes installation and migration documentation and release notes. The platform-specific documentation is on the Oracle9iAS Disk 1 CD-ROM in the Oracle9iAS CD pack.

The Oracle9iAS documentation is also available from Oracle Technology Network at /

Quick Tour

The Quick Tour introduces the features and functionality of Oracle9iAS. You can find the Quick Tour in the Oracle9iAS documentation library, which is on a separate CD-ROM in the Oracle9iAS CD pack. You can also access the Quick Tour from Oracle Technology Network at /

    Release Notes


Read the Release Notes for important information about Oracle9iAS Release 2.


    Oracle Enterprise


Log on to Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage and monitor Oracle9iAS.


    New Features


For details, visit Oracle Technology Network at /


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