I took part in the party.

I'm ready whenever they challenge me.


He left the room without saying a word.


Sharan did a really good job cleaning the windows.

Vladislav came to visit me when I was in the hospital.

I bought five books a month.

She must have been very young when she wrote this poem.

Roxanne really needs you.

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The girl shrank back in fear.

Price says he has actually seen a ghost.

Who is missing?

Why would they want to do that?

Bea works from early in the morning until late at night every day.


He worked hard to no purpose.

Gilles is very sweet.

I regret kissing him.

It doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.

Casper looks just like his dad.

I am going to take you to the market once more and sell you as dry firewood.

He is not much to look at, I guess.

This is exactly what you said would happen.

Keep an eye on the boys; they're mischievous.

If any of these were good enough, I would have told you by now.

You don't have a driver's license?

She told me an interesting story.

Come right in.

Traditions help to recreate the home's atmosphere.

The problem is not what he said, but how he said it.

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Ah, I think I'm gonna cry.

Sangho snapped his fingers.

I don't have any objections.

We're not going home.

I want Terry to keep doing just what he's been doing.

It was no one's fault.

Got to go now.

Walt wanted to give Real something nice for her birthday.

I'm sure that's not true.

Kelvin noticed that Miles was staring at him from across the room.

We're experienced.

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How many people can you feed on an adult cow?

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It was yesterday that she went.

I am not thirsty.

I'm firing you.

New hires are subject to careful monitoring in our firm.

Louis doesn't know how much it'll cost.

Boston was our first stop.

I let my guard down momentarily.


I'm supposed to be helping Christofer right now.

The fire is still burning.

Because he hadn't eaten anything before the hike, he was about to pass out.

You'll never be alone.

I got nowhere with the work.

Phillip fell ill and within a month he was dead.

Why didn't you try calling us?

The people of Sydney ought to be afraid of the sharks, but for some reason they do not seem to be.

He asked me to do what I can to hook them up.

Rahul's parents got divorced when he was very young.

No one's going to do that.

He fumbled with the keys before finding the right one.

Nobody deserves to die.

The car went out of control and pitched headlong into the river.

This serves the purpose.


Put the following sentences into English.

I've been helping Knudsen study for the GRE.

The salesgirl wrapped the gift for me.


You can't help her anymore.


I want to catch the 11:45.

They're blue.

That last sentence was posted on a sign in my grandparents' house.


Edgar seems like a very nice person.

It wouldn't hurt to tell me.

The rescue party searched for the missing passengers.

It's obviously a mistake.

She just missed the train.

He's not the kind of person who always criticizes others.

Sometimes I run out of money.

I have never dared to speak to her.

I'll never hurt you.

To the Hilton Hotel, please.

Have you any idea who he is?

Who saw what?

I'll stay close.

Did you come here alone?

I didn't tell him to say that.

This is good for me.

Robert has a very good memory.

Go over the choices again.

She grabbed his hand.

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I'm just trying to find him.

The manager said, "Let's begin with this job."

You need to leave now.


He entered the room slowly by that door.

I'll get it through in a couple of minutes.

This story is interesting, funny and even exciting.


My room is comfortable, if it is a little small.

What do they call him?

"Her charm is beyond description!" the artist exclaimed.

A lot of people were killed in World War II.

This is getting out of hand.

According to the long-term forecast, a mild winter seems to be ahead.

Why didn't anyone tell me anything about it?

I'm glad you didn't get hurt.

Above all, be kind to old people.

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I like playing chess.

Her body was in an uncomfortable position.

It is time to get serious about moving to greener technology.

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I've always wanted to learn how to swim.


Is it worth spending time trying to help people who don't want to be helped?

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I used to think that way.

First they saw the debris then they looked at each other.

Cindy sealed the deal.

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This country has become a plutocracy.

The goalie will have to be replaced.

Tell Eli that I need to talk to him.

Now, there's an idea.

I want it to look like a robbery.


That's pretty funny.

He's the prom king and she's the prom queen.

We are going to have dinner in an Indian restaurant tonight.

What's your favorite outfit?

The Czar was overthrown.

Ancient astronomers did not have instruments to help them see objects in the sky.

I will wait here till he comes.

I love my work.

I got married when I was 19 years old.

They are having a really good time.

Hi, guys.


I've been studying Greek.


Leif was really worried.


Why would anybody live in a place like this?

My brother stayed in Rome for two days.

Amir seems to have a touch of fever.


If you get enough rest every night, you'll feel much better.


I've been asking myself the same question.

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Daniele drank a glass of orange juice.

Four years from now, you'll have no competition.

Except for Bill, they all made it.

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I've been better.

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Didn't you find any evidence?

In Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes," two swindlers promise an emperor beautiful new clothes that are invisible to anyone who is unfit for their position, unjust or stupid.

I'll stay here all year.

Those who work hard will succeed.

Nicolette was gullible.

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The beauty of the music consists of its harmony.


We are not the ones to blame for the accident.


He helps those who have hardships in their lives.


Walter has a gift for music.

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I was at a loss how to answer his unexpected question.

A friend comes to play at our house tomorrow.

I want to see you alone.


Tracey is the only person who could have stolen Stefan's necklace.

I know what it's like to be poor.

I talked to Adam about what happened.

I'm still not used to wearing a helmet.

Nothing's wrong with him.

He makes life miserable for everyone around him.

The street is wet and slippery.

Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth."

How do you think Polly died?

I have to look after this cat.

Before she moved to France, she lived in Sweden.

With time, everything will become clear.

I know I should stay and help.

Those children went away, singing a song.

Your lips look very kissable.