Commenting system for your site with function call for attention and customizable design
Features and benefits
  • 1 Call for attention
    Function notifies you when you receive information you are interested in comments
  • 2 Customizable design
    Make comments widget to your taste
    Without restrictions and White label
  • 3 System of creating threads
    Place several different commenting systems on one site, by creating threads
  • 4 Real-time
    Comments are added in real time, without refreshing the page
  • 5 Adaptive design
    Comments widget has an adaptive design. It is perfectly displayed on any device regardless of the size of the screen
  • 6 Indexing comments
    Indexing comments allows to improve the position of your site in search engines
  • 7 Sync comments with your database
    Comments SigComments synchronized with your database.
    If you lose access to SigComments - your comments will not be lost
  • 8 Moderation by criteria
    Reduce the cost of moderation, this will do the job for you, we
  • 9 Notification of replies
    Your users will get Email-notification when you receive a response to their comments
    Visitors will return to your site again
  • 10 Flood control
    Specify the maximum number of comments that are sent over a period of time in order to avoid flooding in the comments
  • 11 Editing/deleting comments
    Disable, enable, or temporarily allow editing or deleting user comments
  • 12 Log in through social networks
    The users have the option to authenticate via all popular social networks
  • 13 Easy installation
    Install the widget does not take more than one minute.
    You can also embed the administration panel comments in your website control panel for easy use SigComments
  • 14 Forming a title comment system, depending on the content of the page
    Convenient function to integrate the comments in your site
  • 15 Modern technology
    High speed, adaptive design and 3 ways to load images in comments (normal load, drap&drop load, load from the clipboard)
  • 16 It's free!
    All functionality is available for free

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