I never said that to you or anyone else.

What'll I tell her?

Pradeep tried desperately to get Micky's attention.

Listening to sad music makes me happy.

Almost all of the pupils were in the classroom.

Saumya is a dumbass.

I'd like to have you on our team.

Rodent has missed three deadlines in a row.

I let her buy it for me.

I used to work at a gas station.

They are much younger than Celia.

If you want to lose weight, spend a day without meals.


Don't you trust Terrence?


His face is known to many people.

Naim deserves much better.

I am going to work out the problem by myself.

She has gonorrhea.

I want to go over it again in more detail.


She decided to marry Huey.

Don't miss out!

Juan, stubborn as he was, refused to change to the sensible metric system, preferring to measure volume in hogsheads instead.

Curt arrived at Beverly's house in the middle of the night.

The earth hath yielded her increase.


John played the guitar and his friends sang.

You need to be honest with us.

Graeme says you keep hanging up on him.


Julian never quite knew what was going on.

I got it mail order from Boston.

I'll be glad when it's over.


Giles has arrived in Boston.


Computers are like cats: totally unpredictable.


I use this desk.

Please come over for lunch the day after tomorrow.

Blaine has never been invited to parties.

I fell in love with you the first day we met.

I got hungry watching a cooking show on TV.

There's obviously been a misunderstanding.

Your story doesn't square with the facts.

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Our son has just started walking.

She is anxious to visit Europe.

He seems to be honest.

Our plane was flying above the clouds.

Rajarshi snuck across the border.

People eagerly sought a more modernised style of dress and transformed the old qipao to suit their tastes.

Markus has very short hair.

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It has: it is in the heart of the Chinese people.

He told him right to his face.

Do you know why I was in prison?

A language is just a dialect with an army and a navy.

I can't just leave her there.


It is rude to speak with your mouth full.


The other day, we chose Yoshida to be the catcher on our school's baseball team.

That's what I don't understand.

My wife wants me to do away with this nice old hat.

Hey John, how's it going?

I screamed at the top of my lungs.


No one bakes a finer apple pie than Emily.

Don't put aside such an important detail.

We met before.

Jem and Sean kissed passionately.

She is ignoring you.


Sailing a boat makes us happy.


I knew I was wasting my time trying to convince Grace.

Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar.

What a woman!

In all my career as a travel agent, I never visited Africa.

This restaurant is busier on Saturdays.


It is quite natural for her to get angry.

Did you hear what Irwin just said?

I don't use birth control.

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Why don't you go see him?


Last year I listened to radio.

He affected not to hear me.

Have you called Mitch yet?

Do you like white wine?

Can I get a little help here?

Dwight isn't alone in this opinion.

Don't break out the champagne yet.

She wrote as many as ten books.

Troy saw muddy footprints on the floor.

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What did you have for lunch?


What do you want to be in the future?

You've done time, haven't you?

I have many hobbies - fishing and climbing, for example.

She always keeps her promises.

I am getting good vibes from this place.

I didn't know that Luc smoked.

What's that smell like to you?


Kemal doesn't know how Robert will get to school tomorrow.


Jon is nice, isn't he?

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They set out on an arctic expedition.

What's different between a wedding arrangement site and a dating site?

Manuel doesn't have a brother.


Did you know that Ramiro would be here?


Drive safely.

Vice couldn't do anything about the problem.

No one has the right to tell you what to do.


He retired because of the loss of his health.

Thus saith Cyrus king of Persia: All the kingdoms of the earth hath the Lord, the God of heaven, given me; and He hath charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. Whosoever there is among you of all His people, the Lord his God be with him, let him go up.

Although he's young, he's an outstanding doctor.

You'd better come right away.

I'm not on duty this week.


There are a million people in Auckland.

They are studying these days.

Mr Kinoshita left his glasses behind in the office yesterday evening.

We're cousins.

Kayvan is confused now.

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I'm not doing this anymore.

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Renu noticed Sandeep sitting in the audience.

Vance is a true scientist.

I can't deal with him anymore.

Apparently, he's still alive.

Were you able to find him?


When Lana told her parents that she wanted to marry Ramanan, they said that they wouldn't attend the wedding.


I want to sleep!

She had escaped detection somehow.

Anyhow, don't make me one.

Would you like me to get you one?

Let's try another one.

When Johann saw him, a look of surprise spread across her face.

Fold the paper in four.

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Alain focused all his attention on his cat.

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Be sure to call home before you leave the office.


You're not any more qualified to teach the subject than they are.


I'm on my way to pick Vijay up.


Tell Deirdre for me, OK?


What shelf is it on?

This isn't your cup of tea.

Dylan peed his pants.

I'm feeling pretty confident.

Christina spends lots of money on clothes.


In most countries, teachers do not receive high wages.

It's really hard to turn your back on your way of life.

We had no electricity when I was growing up.

After receiving too many insults, Marcos finally got in a fight.

You're in charge.

Geoff converted his bedroom into an office.

Stu is scantily clad.


I wish that Jagath was here to help us.

She's in boarding school in Florence.

Troy told me he was not at all interested in what Margot had to say.


Dirk was bitterly disappointed.


We should do away with those bad customs.

Wasn't that a little too easy?

Takeuchi doesn't know where Pitawas parked her car.

I have the impression that happiness is always a little further on.

It's the only possible conclusion.

Young people often make mistakes.

We're not going to be able to solve all the world's problems.


The faint halitus of freshly shed blood was in the air.

Russia became communist.

I felt bad.

What he said is a good idea.

If we took a rest, our moods would certainly feel refreshed.

I often help my brother with his homework.

You'd better do as you're told.

He did not want war.

Is it good or not?