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Business Process Management Software

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Define Template

define template

Define any process as a simple list of tasks instead of complicated flowchart or BPMN diagram.

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Start Process

start process

Make internal processes available to the whole company. Metatask reduces chaos, endless email threads and paperwork.

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Control Process

control process

Get clear view on all active processes. Track who is working on each task. See what's on target and what's late. Review all the data, files and documents in one place.

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Process Templates

Templates are easy to use and available to everyone. Directory of internal processes makes it easy to start new processes for the whole team.

Approval workflows

Use approval tasks to quickly automate any approval processes, like Vacation requests or Travel requests.


Simple process editor

Our simple editor lets you quickly define any repeatable processes - from simple content publishing checklists to complex operational processes and multi-step approvals.


Dynamic tasks assignment

Assign tasks to people based on their role in a process (like a Process Starter), department membership or a form selection. You can even let process participants select specific user in a form to assign them some tasks later in a process.


Data forms

Create data form to collect any process-related data, files or documents. Create a flow of information among people working with a process.

User selection form field

Select people from a dropdown, instead of manually typing in names and emails. Set manager for a new project, assign mentor for a new employee or author for a new blog post. You can even limit selection to a specific group, like HR for a Hiring Manager selection.


Form fields for any type of data

Create better forms with our rich set of configurable form fields: file uploads, money with support for multiple currencies, numbers, text, dates, multi-select and single-select fields and more.

Processes dashboard

Easily view all your tasks from all processes in one place. My tasks dashboard is updated in a real-time and organised by a tasks' due date.


Dynamic deadlines

Support SLAs by setting deadlines in days, weeks or months counting from a previous task completion, a start of a process or even a process deadline. Use business calendar to automatically account for non-working days and hre-lef\endar to au0reptFlag\,1eature">

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