She thought cross stitch was a good substitute for oil paintings.

Why don't you just tell Cristi to shut up?


She keeps on making the same mistakes.


He lost himself quickly in the crowd.


Certainly there are inequalities in level of education even within a generation, but there have been no visible inequities between machines and materials in recent years.

Finnish is the language of my in-laws.

The situation has improved considerably compared with what it was.


Where are you from, Karen?

Dimetry is such a Debby Downer.

I wouldn't dream of letting you do that.

I feel like having a cup of tea.

Even if you wash it, the color won't come out.

I'm looking for Shankar right now.

Nothing seemed to work.

There were a lot of people on the street.

It's neither milk nor whey.

I talked with the Polish ambassador.

Gonzales offers a bike to all his employees in Europe.

I was fool enough to do so.

It's hard to imagine myself being disabled one day.

Now, don't worry.

Are you fond of swimming?

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Philip pressed a button, but nothing happened, so he pressed another button.

We mean business.

Andrew asked me if I knew how to play the clarinet.

The house caught fire.

Perhaps I should take over.

Tell them we're on our way.

It is true that they talk a lot, but they say little.


Knute is caught between Scylla and Charybdis.

I hope I am very efficient.

I bet we've all asked ourselves that same question more than once.

With his camera, Panacea captured a tornado in action.

Come and see me any time you like.

Now, what do you want to see?

I'm too busy at work.

Be careful, it's a dangerous junction!

You should not look to others for help so easily.


In addition to a mansion, he owns a Bentley.

In some languages like French or Persian, a potato is called an 'apple of the earth'.

The welfare of the farmer is vital to that of the whole country.

Shuvra just ate lunch.

I'll do my very best not to disappoint you.


We're investigating a possible murder.


Popcorn is never recommended for infants or toddlers, as the kernels can pose a choking threat.

Dori got a new pair of glasses.

In today's world, the hardest thing for a man to be... is himself.

Dan took a picture of the license plate.

You're more than welcome.

In England, Labor Day is in May.

Vegetarians are some of the healthiest people in the world.

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How do squirrels remember where they buried their food?

Can I open my eyes?

I'd like to keep these documents for the time being.

Don't cross me.

The movie we watched was in French with English subtitles.

There are many tall buildings in that town.

It being very cold, they stayed at home.

I saw Jack naked.

He was happy being a Jew.


Hey, I'm only kidding.

I thought you might need this.

People trust me to solve their problems.


His wet coat was evidence that he had been outside.


Vassos couldn't hide his frustration.

Ted was questioned by the police about what had happened.

One can hardly find a more suitable climate.


Just find her.

What're you planning on doing after you graduate from high school?

It was terrifying.


They love her.

What time did Heidi call?

He lives next to me.

Do you need me, Leung?

Leith hates running.


Jenine completed his report by copy-pasting from Wikipedia.


After a few weeks, doctors made Cleveland a new jaw out of hard rubber.

Taurus didn't get paid last month.

Jane became taller than her mother.


Where exactly is he?


Age does not make us childish, as they say. It only finds us true children still.

I failed to go there in time.

She did not so much as smile at me.

Are you marrying him for his money?

I shouldn't have accused him of stealing the money.


Acting on advice from his astronomers, Alexander the Great decided not to attack Egypt and went to India instead.

The proposed legislation runs roughshod over at least three amendments to the constitution.

I'll tell her later.

He had no friends, no money, no home...but he played happily all the same.

Roxane worked for the phone company.

It's about time you stopped watching television.

It happened to someone I know.

Watch your head!

The dictator abused his privileges to his heart's content.


We need to bind gravel with cement.

The question is where to buy the book.

I took his umbrella by mistake.


It's not supposed to be happening.

He almost never gets sick because he is careful about his health.

Why do you want it?

Jump as high as you can.

Dawson and his friends sat around the campfire and sang songs.

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Don't try to deceive us.


It's hard to tell him anything.


Mom, Catherine ate my cookie.


The cat came near being run over by a truck.

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Long, long ago, there lived an old man in a village.

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I'm a little shook up.

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I knew we should've tried to help Mac.

I adapted the garage for use as a workshop.

We started all at once.

Clyde joined the search for Percival Lowell's "Planet X", a planet beyond Neptune.

My sister resembles my mother.

They bought a home with a pool.

Luke has as attractive a personality as her sister.

Let's go out and have a good time with our friends.

Even I was impressed with Cory's singing.


It's easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission.

You're wet through.

When will you depart for Moscow?


I am glad I did not buy such a thing.

Norbert never wanted to live in Boston.

The Russian Soyuz spacecraft has docked at the International Space Station.

I agreed with him on that point.

He has a very welcoming smile.

I am not happy with my job.

I played trumpet in our high school band.


It appeared that he meant what he said.


You're going to need a bigger boat.

The country appealed to the United Nations for help.

I am not stupid.

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Malcolm doesn't want to eat at that restaurant.

Barbara doesn't have to study French. He can already speak it quite well.

The child was hot with fever.


Stop worrying and get some sleep.

Kathy is behind in his rent.

Jordan didn't know how bad it was.


Robbin believes in life after death.

I watched baseball on TV after I finished my homework.

In the principles of love, quick disappointments are usually described as remedies.

I rode one.

I'm not going through a midlife crisis!

What's your favourite type of sushi?

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun.

They embraced.

You're doing very well.

It is in a kitchen.

I'd look into it.

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I am working at Alibaba.

Oh my God, Galen has done it!

The package was delivered yesterday.

Most English words are unknown to most English speakers.

I owed him a thousand dollars.

This sort of thing happens all the time.

She stood looking at a boat on the river.


He works hard. So he does.


Our minds transform experiences into symbols.


Listen, I've got to run.

At what time did you hear the gunshot?

I have already read today's paper.