Can I spend the night at Moses's tomorrow?

Do you know whose this is?

I knew I had to tell him the truth, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

What should we do about them?


Take care not to throw away this chance.


Is it a hypothesis?

Are you sure you really want to do that?

He behaved as if he were crazy.

I'm glad to hear that you're getting better.

Will you turn on the light?

You're not the only one who cares about Betsy.

Does she want to go away?

He's a pretty unique guy wearing bell bottoms and Hawaiian shirts to the office.

I refrain from drinking.


Is there a supermarket in this mall?

Many men were badly wounded in the battle.

Lonhyn grows his own vegetables.

Spike was worn out.

It was not until few days later that the news arrived.

His pictures are very famous.

Engels died of heatstroke after deserting his unit and getting lost.

Malloy did what he promised me he'd do.

Why do I always have to do that?

They didn't know what to do first.

I try to eat a balanced diet.


Could you read it?

Please tell Jason I'm sorry.

Although he did well in the exam, his spoken Chinese is not necessarily as good as yours.

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I'll just sit here.

We are looking for you!

What did he want?

I want to be a Picasso.

Don't interrupt him.

Thanks for your contribution.

I suggest that you write her a thank-you letter.

We have to pull over.

The latter view has many supporters in Japan.


I haven't played the ukulele in years.

And now, think about a county, any county, and imagine this county divided into five or six different areas.

Robin is very mature for his age.

How do you say kindergarten in German?

Let's not lose any more time than we already have.

Kristian had other things he wanted to buy.

I shut my eyes again.

Cristopher is grading papers.

Our teacher permitted us to use a dictionary during the test.

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They were here.


Please add up the numbers.

I'm sorry, I don't think I'll be able to.

Alison passed away on Monday.

He asked me to throw the ball back.

I just had breakfast with Beth.

They've done it before.

The doctor examined Lynne to make sure he had no internal injuries.


I give the money to my son.


I called and pretended I was Stuart.


What is the difference?

I want nothing but health.

Just exactly what do you want me to do?

You never arrive on time.

Go, already!

Marian was looking for you at that time.

Jimmy tried to cajole his parents into letting him drive across the country with his friends.

The umpire sits in a high chair at the side of the court.

What time did that take place?


You shouldn't have let everyone know how angry you were.

I love Ravindran's personality.

I don't have a road map yet.


About a dozen trees had soon been planted.

Bats usually fly in the dark.

Today, I went to the doctor's.

I am not as interested in literature as you.

Let's think you do this not for him but for me.

It's no problem for me to help you tomorrow morning.

He looks as poor as ever.

You'd better take her home.

She writes much better now than she used to.

Father found me a good seat.

I will surely miss them.

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What are they going to do to us?

Ready or not, here I come.

I will fix it.


Put your hands down!

I would like to improve my English pronunciation.

Our problem now is how to persuade Sekar to quit.

For once in your life, you're exactly right.

I think that Amos lives somewhere around here.

Don't pull it. Push it open.

I told her I'd help her.

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It is "doubt" that turns good into bad.

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Clyde washed the dishes and Cory dried them.

You have to be optimistic.

Lindsay left Elwood alone with John.

I hope Floyd understands.

Danny felt vulnerable.

You make me laugh a lot.

I thought it looked cool.


I've lost my umbrella.


We had to start for America at short notice.

I'm all strung up about the deadline!

Don't let Vince do it by himself.

We will divide the large area of family land equally between our children.

I'm sorry I interrupted you.

Why didn't you tell me you were lactose intolerant?

I suppose I'll have to be more careful in the future.


I've never been happier.

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I saw Brett through the windshield.

Please turn off the TV.

I am going to do it whether you agree or not.

I didn't register.

We used to sit on these steps and talk.

Next time, you're buying.

I've been following your work.


I don't know what I know.

I met Jim on the way.

What you said does not make sense.


I'm completely cast down!

My German vocabulary list is up to two thousand words now.

He lost his movie ticket.

Go as fast as possible.

My name is William, but you can call me Bill.


It's rare that history comes with a man that his fear is set in the hearts of kings all around earth.

We're all working hard.

Bob missed the last train and had to take a taxi.

Vishal has a degree in electrical engineering.

Valencia is a much fitter candidate for student body president than her competitors.

She is impatient for her holidays.

She doesn't use salt when cooking.


Why would you tell them that?


I was the one who suggested it.

I cannot but admire him.

Annard watched Luke with concern.

The basement has been made over into a workshop.

Now, I'm going to be honest with you.


What Yvonne really wanted was a date with Hsi.

Classes begin at 8 o'clock.

I have no books to read.

They are of average height.

Everywhere in town it's getting dark.


This pullover does not cost much. It is very cheap.


The amendment was first proposed in 1789.


Thanks for the compliment.

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If you know Spanish well, you'll have no problems with looking for a job. But some with finding one.


The product was mislabelled.

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You need to immerse yourself into their culture to master their language.

Give her some money.

I need to find out who he is.

Helge certainly didn't vote for her.

They came to terms with each other on how to start a joint venture.

Elias is now apologizing.

Pierette has started ignoring me again.

This way to the fallout shelter.

I changed my mind about going out and stayed home.

I've only just started studying Italian.

Show Omar in.

The current year is 2011.

I think Yvonne has done a great job.

Are you all set?

Can I find that?

You like anyone who buys you a beer.

And Helena replied: "Two cakes aren't a lot for me; it would be a lot if it were five or six cakes; but two cakes are very few."

I looked around and noticed that I was the only car on the road.

We should do away with the death penalty.

Do you know what you're asking?

We're looking for the truth.

Thierry unfolded the blanket.

He is an indispensable member for the staff.