The Earth's cryosphere (the frozen water on our planet) currently covers about 10% of the Earth's surface.

No man is wise at all times.

All you people think about is work.

Sarah has been in an accident.


Would it be OK if I took a quick shower?


My favorite Pizza is Hawaiian.

Well, you've convinced me.

It felt like forever.

He apologized for his rudeness, but she wouldn't forgive him.

They walked for ten miles, rested for ten minutes, then walked again.


Oh, no! I almost forgot!

They spoke badly of you, but we can't say who it was.

I still haven't decided.

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On the gripping hand, if they're too young and healthy they will escape and attempt to eat you.

I have a book with 365 children's stories.

I wouldn't bet against him.


I love soup.

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We have plenty to talk about.

Did you see the cowboy movie on TV last night?

You need money to make money.

I think Reid was the prettiest girl in our class when we were in the third grade.

I don't want to go swimming.

Don't they drive you mad?

Do you recognize that person?

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Hillel is afraid of dying.


Once again she was lived in and taken care of.

I just spoke to Moe over there.

I have a warrant for Bjorne's arrest.

I ineffectively tried to win her heart back.

It won't happen again, I swear.

Most of the Amazon jungle is still wild.

"Whose bracelets are these?" "They are Majda's."

I know that there will be a lot of good food at the picnic.

Shaw got to his feet and walked over to the window.

Have it your way.

This is a screwdriver.

I wouldn't be too sure if I were you.

To share one's passion is to live it fully.


People always cut the corner at junctions.


This is the fifth consecutive day of decline of stock prices.

Kenton should leave now.

I want to apologize for what I did.

Put some basil on the pizza.

Oh, the train is being delayed.

My husband enjoys his glass once in a while.

There was nothing for me to drink.

Dan's car screeched to a stop.

That restaurant has a very nice atmosphere.


I wish I could live my life doing only what I wanted to do.

Some hospitals hand out free samples of baby milk.

He is getting along with his employees.


Cathy seemed to enjoy watching Jelske and John fighting.


We should've known this would happen.

I don't want to have to do this.

The baby stopped crying.

The woman who he thought was his aunt was a stranger.

Barbara handed Marshall his key.

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He stood leaning against the fence.

I can take this to them.

She is taller than her sister.


The airline asked some passengers to give up their seats because the plane was overbooked.


You need to have a heart-to-heart talk with Amigo.


I wish I had gone jogging or something.


Jerald is a little surprised.


Maybe you did it wrong.


I want you to do your homework within an hour.

He's missed the boat.

Philosophy is not so difficult a subject as you imagine it is.


How many aircraft carriers does the US Navy have?


We've seen her.

Let's go wake Dana up.

All at once the bride burst into laughter.

I was keyed up over her impending operation.

We're great friends.

The heavy snow stopped the train from running on time.

Leads turned on the faucet and washed his hands.

I've learnt nothing from the teacher.

Things spiraled out of control.


He had access to the papers.


Do you know this song?

Goodnight ladies.

Where did you catch all those fish?


His only wish was to see his son one last time.

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Hold the door.

I was gonna ask that same question.

I thought I might not be supposed to sit down.

Stop repeating everything I say.

Let's walk to the lake.


I choked! I should have come up with a proper plan first.

He cooked the noodles for just under two minutes.

The new boys soon accustomed themselves to the school.

I may as well go out than stay at home.

He can speak not only English but also French.

I visited her in Germany.

I'm vegetarian.

Jeans take forever to dry.

Emmett wanted Hillary to accept his gift.

The boy hugged the puppy to his chest.

I felt sorry for her.

Open your heart and tell me everything.

I was taken aback.

We need to get to the wedding.

Water evaporates when it is heated.

Why didn't you tell me Mikael was here?

He knows quite well what it is like to be poor.

Anne stabbed Malcolm in the back.

He acknowledged it to be true.

He was killed by a single bullet.

Gregg is divorced.


It was marvelous.

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Dr Mason placed his work above everything.


He sat down next to her.

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You were never good at drawing.

The war broke out in 1939.

Trevor has done a really good job.

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Hohn's part-time job is delivering pizzas.


She's richer than pretty.

My mother never gets up early.

Don't try to find fault with others.

From a distance, that stone looks like a person's face.

I'll be punished.


Panos can stay with us as long as he wants to.

I'm deeply concerned about this.

We took a short rest on the way.

He is what we call a self-made man.

I had to do all the housework, but I wish I had gone to the movies or shopping.

Some people think the government has way too much power.

What's the weather forecast for tomorrow?


He got a cramp while he was swimming.


So, I was right?

I think it's much better now.

You can't watch the game.


You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred.

No thank you, I'm pregnant.

He's just an amateur.

What's that scratch?

This job fulfils my expectations.

Well, it was different.

I can fight my battles myself.

He's rich as Croesus.

You had better put on a raincoat.

You're right, as usual.

Give me your opinion, please.

Valentin isn't sure how to proceed.

I asked my boss for a pay increase.

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I'm going to do my homework right after dinner.

Don't praise yourself!

Now it's getting better!

You certainly fooled them.

Ellen had a job as a roadkill picker-upper and he found it very distressing.

Sigurd told me to wait here.

The sky is serene.

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Should I have a lawyer?

Stevan is at the top of his class.

To his great joy, he succeeded in solving the problem.


I remember Cyrus telling me about the time he and Brandi had climbed Mt. Fuji.

Mayo was the one who did that.

I had a great time.

I am slightly ill, I assume.

Malloy gave Amos a kiss on the cheek and sent him off to school.