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Top 5 Tips to Make Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Go Viral

Focusing on trending topics is one the fastest ways to interact with people during a major sporting event, news story, or product launch. With a 140-character tweet including a hashtag and keyword, stories have the potential to go viral within minutes on Twitter. It’s one of the fastest ways for a business to create a viral influencer marketing campaign.

This is what happened during the SXSW Music Festival. Michael Kempner, CEO of MWW Group wanted to create awareness for Nikon, so he used social media to include fans with the campaign. As a part of Nikon’s social sharing campaign, artists used Nikon cameras to take photos and share them on Twitter. It created a buzz because artists shared photos as they prepared for the SXSW Music Festival and used the hashtag (#NikonWarnerSound).

According to Forbes, this reached the #1 trending topic on Twitter the second night of their three-day activity. In addition, they made the top three trending topics on Twitter all three nights of their campaign. As a result, Nikon successfully created brand awareness and generated millions of media and social impressions. So how does a company get their products to go viral? Marketers study algorithms and analytics to see what type of content is most likely to go viral. We can learn a lot from Nikon’s past social promotion. Here are some ways to get your influencer marketing campaigns to go viral with consumer participation.

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  • 1. Encourage Influencers to Take Pictures

    Artists helped Nikon’s campaign become a success with their influence at the festival. Many Twitter fans like to know the latest in celebrity news and it’s exciting to see what happens before the actual event takes place. Pictures help fans feel as though they were at the event with the artists. And Twitter allows people to get real-time updates making it easier to join in the conversation.

    It’s often the attention-grabbing picture that generates a reaction. Include a catchy caption and fans are more likely to share with their followers. One of the best ways to get influencer marketing campaigns to go viral with pictures is by encouraging people to join the conversation with a hashtag.

  • 2. Ask Consumers to Retweet, Repost, and Respond With a Hashtag

    It doesn’t take long for a worldwide discussion to go viral when using the hashtag character and name of the product or company. Many Twitter followers will retweet, repost, and respond to your messages so it’s a good idea to include a link and call to action in a tweet. Hiring the right influencers who fit your target market allows you to reach a larger Twitter following because the influencers will share with their Twitter followers about information relating to the event.

  • 3. Hire Influencers With a Passion For Your Product

    Remember in 2015 when a man named James Wright sung Patti Labelle songs after taking a piece of Patti’s sweet potato pie? It was his passion for trying her new sweet potato pie that helped him talk so avidly about the dessert. His reaction after tasting the sweet potato pie had people racing to Walmart to try a slice of her pie. His singing and the joy he shared on camera appeared so real, and many people wanted to try the pie for themselves. As a result, his influence helped the pies sell out in stores.

  • 4. Experiment on Different Social Media Platforms

    It’s important to know how different social media platforms work. The type of content, advertising, and the way the audience likes to view content are different on each social media site. With people’s permission, marketing and advertising professions will post to Facebook fan’s timeline about current sales or giveaways. On the other hand, consumers on Twitter are more likely to participate in a promotion through trending topics. Being aware of the different styles on social media makes it easier to find influencers for your marketing campaign.

  • 5. Have Consumers Participate in a Video Contest

    Another way to reach a larger audience is through a video contest. Contestants who enter the contest will encourage people to vote, share, and like their video. In return, customers have the opportunity to win prizes and test out new products.

    It’s a combination of catchy headlines, eye-catching thumbnails, and interesting content that grabs reader’s attention that helps videos go viral. People are more likely to share content when something stands out in a video. You can have a video contest and encourage people to create a reaction. The key is to have contestants encourage their subscribers to vote and share with as many people as possible.

    Although there’s no specific method in getting influencer marketing campaigns to go viral, having customer participation in your campaign increases awareness. As you try new ways to market your products, you will gain a larger customer base, which will eventually lead to a greater return on investment.

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