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Rodrigo Torres

Feeling the bath of the first rays of light that slipped through the small holes of my window and fell on my face making me wake up to go discover the magic the day would bring are the earliest memories that evoked my love of light. Later, in a completely dark room and under the penumbra of a red light, I was discovering that by magic a picture appeared, and I realized that all this magic attached to the movement can only be summed up in one word, cinema.
When I found cinema, I fell completely in love and decided that my life would revolve around this magic. After going through the different positions in a set, I became a Director of Photography. Everyday I have been on a set, my passion and desire has only grown and afforded me the opportunity to be a photographer of different banks of images such as Getty and Corbis; thus giving me the possibility of discovering several countries and translating them with my private eye through my lens.
With all these elements gathered at the moment, I can say that I am a cinematographer with my suitcase ready for your consideration.

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