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I never trusted Lois.

He trained very hard.

Welcome to France!

Peggy never opens that window.

We're preparing to do so.

What did you do on your birthday?

I see no reason to change our plans.

Sandy came to Boston on business.

I don't know exactly when I will be back.


Do you have any shirt in white?

Country roads aren't as crowded as city roads.

I found a dinosaur fossil in my garden.

I lied to you the other night.

I'm pretty sure I can help you.

I come to this city second time.

He's done his homework.

Gold doesn't rust.

What time is now?

A bunch of people died in the explosion.

They left before the end of the movie.

Derek will join us shortly.

Bill was crazy for a motorbike.

Where's she from?

There's no denying that he looks so funny in that costume.

They are willing to talk about the problem.

I called him this afternoon.


You look like a freak.

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Hello teacher. How are you doing?

I can't confirm that.

This is a small acknowledgement of your kindness.


You're still feverish.

They will follow Stanislaw.

I wouldn't have such a good job if you hadn't help me find it.

I was beside myself with joy.

Let's jump into the water.

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It might be expensive.


I am taking a bath now.


He hailed a cruising taxi.

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Portuguese is a romance language.

Don't let him scare you.

I haven't found a job.

Do you have a toothache?

The truth is I am an animal in a human body.


I've climbed Mt. Fuji twice.

I wish I'd known how to speak French.

I went swimming in the sea.

She didn't mean to offend anyone with her remark.

Charlene left before I got home.

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I thought I was clear about this.


I know you didn't want Space going to jail.

Daniel can't play the piccolo.

You need to listen to us.

Are you full?

A clever salesman will always ask a matron if her mother is at home.

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Can I talk to you a moment?

Did you hear someone ring the doorbell?

You didn't tell Vince about us, did you?


Your team is better than ours.

I came to ask you something.

Now I feel relieved.


The boy will wait for you till you come back.

That would be really bad.

This song was written by Phil last year.

If I were you, I wouldn't pass up such a good opportunity to make a few extra dollars.

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.

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Lorenzo wasn't allowed to help Pia.


Many scientists have the reputation of being eccentric.

Pablo hears from Tahsin every now and then.

I've got the most ideas, and I've got the best ideas.


Roger sat under a tree, reading a book.

I never actually saw Meeks and John fighting.

I guess I'm a country boy at heart.

Return to the ship immediately.

You weren't supposed to tell Van that.


Are you saying that you give up?


The fuel level is below empty.


We're running out of space.

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Does anyone of you know them?

What's your favorite bottled beer?

I didn't know why I wasn't supposed to go to that part of town.


Sometimes I sleep on my back, sometimes on my stomach, and other times on my side.

Don't wake him up.

When I look out of my window, I can see a park with a children's playground.

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I go hunting in my leisure time.

Kurt has a good memory, too.

They like it that way.


You'll find one.

What shall we do on your next days off?

Naoto told Clem that he could smell alcohol on John's breath.

Imogen of the Internet crochets about half of her possessions.

Fish gotta swim.

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Renu should be gone by the time we get there.

Boyd told me to speak to you in French.

He cut some branches off the oak tree.

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That's my answer.


I wish I had been able to help.

Walking from the station to the house takes only five minutes.

He managed to get there in time.

Look at the car made in Japan.

If World War III is fought with nuclear weapons, World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.


I already saw it.

I think these are worth at least three hundred dollars.

I need to charge my mobile.


I must have made him sad when I told him that his French professor had died.

Can you produce medicines from the laboratory?

Syed arrived there after dark.


We can tell him later.

I'll tell you everything you want to know.

I'm really angry.


I've always wanted to go to another country.

Tell him when you're ready.

That's very romantic!

I want to get out of here before anyone sees us.

Would it bother you if I smoke?

Ricky was out of town when the fire broke out.

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity.

Hugh is extremely easygoing.

Men tend to be more overconfident than women.

I wish there were more African languages in Tatoeba.

I heard her speak English fluently.


I had to stay behind to help Syd.


One of Hamilton's friends explained the rules.

You're nothing special.

Let's celebrate!

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Our fate depends on your decisions.

She seemed bored.

This coffee is too hot for me to drink.

The criminal charge is not the matter, it's about the attitude we adopt toward those abuses.

That is what Mahmoud would do.


You haven't done a very good job.


Well, Cupid is a terrible sniper.

With the money Mr Johnson had saved, he would be able to live high on the hog when he retired.

I can think of some situations in which a knife would come in handy.

Which house did you live in before?

Can it happen here?


I bought flowers because my grandmother is coming today for a visit.


Elizabeth showed the bartender his ID.


Tyler used to drink like a fish.

It was your fault.

He became accustomed to working in the office.


Reading is to the mind as food is to the body.

It's time to get started with the Christmas shopping.

Casper and Magnus had a heated discussion on same-sex marriage.

Why don't you just let him go?

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.


A linguistics student swallowed her own tongue after attempting the legendary glottal approximant.


Darren leaped at Clayton and tried to strangle her.

We are losing languages at a rate of one every fortnight.

Laurianne's dog is well-trained.

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I guess it's all over.

There have been hitches.

I'll find it myself.

During my childhood, I used to come here frequently, look around and think.

Now lie still.

Phill can't possibly be serious.

Divers who surface too quickly run the risk of contracting the bends.