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Christmas 1999 was a perfectly normal one until two days after when Arthur informed his family of his diagnosis of cancer which had spread extensively to his lymph system and his lungs. Three weeks later he was in Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, on 100 percent oxygen and two months later he was gone. He was 33 years old.

The Arthur Griffith Cancer Foundation was set up the day after Arthur died so that donations could be sent in his memory. His family did not have a specific mission at that time. However, as the days passed, the final autopsy results were examined, and extensive conversations were held with his doctors, it became clear that they wanted to dedicate their time and resources to a cure for what cost Arthur his life.

Arthur's family, friends and colleagues through the Arthur Griffith Cancer Foundation and ultimately the Arthur Griffith Fellowship at Indiana University Cancer Center are making the most of the heartbreaking experience of his death. Although they cannot bring him back, they can use this situation to work toward a complete cure for testicular cancer.

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