Murat was caught at the crossfire.

Don't call Clyde.

You are my new sweet coconut.

It will only take a moment to fill out this application.

That's because, you see, I've known he isn't that sort of person from a long time back.

I'll keep you company.

Loren may even be having fun.

This is where it's all happening.

Trains were arriving on time.

Happiness isn't merely having many possessions.


You're really good at this.

There's a lot you don't know about me.

John loves to party.

It's cold; why don't you put on a sweater?

She got her tongue pierced.

This is bad for the environment.

Don't be so silly.

Tetanus continues to kill!

I am sure of succeeding.

Dean said he didn't know Lin.

If anybody is still absent, please send their names to me.


Can you believe it? We're in Germany!

Don't reach for the moon, child.

Sometimes Dennis is really crazy.

The woodwind section includes both pipes and reeds.

It was foolish of him to waste his money on such trifles.


Only 29% of boys, but 71% of girls said that they had never played a collaborative online computer game.


Knute didn't mention anything about that to me.


I know about your condition.


Have you already gone to the polls today?

I should learn some French.

I like walking, especially in the morning.

Pria held on to Julia for dear life when he took her for a spin on the back of his motorbike.

A house without books is like a room without windows.

What a tragedy!

It was in 1950 that he was born.

I thought her very clever.

When she saw that the people were hungry, she begged for food for them.

Don't be such a pig! Leave some for everyone else.

They live near the school.

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Stephanie agrees with them.

Do you give any credence to the rumours concerning Sofia?

Hy made me want to punch her in the face.

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Three of my friends, besides me, were admitted to the bar.

You can certainly rely on him.

Contrails are long, narrow, ice-crystal clouds that form behind jet planes flying at high altitudes in below-freezing temperatures. They result from the condensation of water vapor remaining in jet exhaust.

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Let us tell you everything we know.

Do you believe in fate?

Just what do you expect to find?

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Saul is looking for a good place to pitch the tent.


It was all your imagination.


He's sitting next to his brother.


We should observe the speed limit.

Consequences will never be the same!

They're married.

My grandma is a very independent person.

These insects are widely distributed throughout Japan.


They live in that house among the trees.


In past, Iranians lived on naan bread, but nowadays basic Iranian's food gets rice.


Have you been spying on me?

I'll give you thirty dollars.

Manavendra has no right to do this.

Coleen withdrew three hundred dollars from his personal account yesterday.

You should have a doctor examine your condition.

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Herve pulled out a pistol and shot Ramiro.

He was in advance of his time.

Don't wait for us.


Wolf told us.

This must've cost a small fortune.

I bought a box of chocolates on the way to work as a gift for my colleagues.

Did you go abroad for pleasure or on business?

We are the same age. We are both sixteen years old.

She heard him cry in the middle of the night.

I was captured.

I watered my horse.

There's a woman in a wheelchair wanting to talk to you.

This is the cutest baby that I have ever seen.

Should we arrest her?

I'm very embarrassed.

Did he ever study?

Lindsay is very pretty.

Who's your favorite Star Wars character?

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True friendship is invaluable.

I think this sweater will look good on you.

I need to ask you a few questions.


Let's just sit here for a few minutes.

Do you know how to eat with chopsticks?

All with one impulse worshiped the god.


I couldn't tell her from sister.

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He sashayed around the room.

I want to improve my knowledge of languages.

That car is a Chrysler.

Bruno didn't know that Kurt was a high school student.

My uncle has seen a lot of life.

Ralph asked Grace to come back to Boston.

I don't think they'll allow you to do that.

I excited her.

She does it fast.

I was sitting next to a man who clearly had a lot on his mind.

I remember one poem in particular.

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Oil floats on water.

Joni and Surya looked at each other uneasily.

I have very heavy periods.


I am not really interested in Native American music. I am rather interested in their languages.


Listen carefully.

It fell short of my expectation.

That cat has beautiful fur.

Go and see if you can find him.

I went around Hokkaido by bike this summer.

The teacher led the class in singing a song.

What do you want to propose for the new job?

You guys need to go brush your teeth!

All our attempts failed.

Ro didn't eat anything yesterday.

That man is Perry Mason, the lawyer.

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Are you making Frederic a sandwich?


How old is the oldest one?

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You've got to keep this secret, OK?

We must buy a new carpet for this room.

The football game was postponed on account of bad weather.


This garden is at its best in summer.


Beijing is bigger than Rome.

You're obsessed.

It is up to you to finish the task.

And also the gym uniform is still gym shorts, isn't it? I wonder why.

Eileen is being naughty, isn't he?

What makes you so sure Rajesh likes you?

Words, words...

I have a very old stamp.

Make one more effort, and you will succeed.

Gold golems are guardians used to guard treasure.

There's to be a strike on April 6th.

You're a better person than you think you are.

Chuck has been really busy recently.

Nicolas seems to be working on a plan.

She will have no choice but to accept.

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He has a strange name.

You'll do better next time.

I very much regretted having lost so much time.

We haven't visited her new house.

They chose him as their representative.


She bowed in thanks.

Granting that you are right, we still can't approve of your plan.

I know Rodger is happy.

Jianyun is the real problem.

I've made some mistakes that I should've been able to avoid.


The mistake was mine.

He spoke perfect English.

There isn't a table in the room.

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Tharen is no longer my student.

I wouldn't feel right about it.

She can't ski.

The man grinned widely and paid the bill. He then drank all of the beer left in his glass in one gulp, while standing.

I was abroad on an assignment.


Could you give me a minute?


They have lived in London for ten years.

You can put it down now.

Will you promise me that you will never leave me?

Norbert had to dig his car out of the snow.

He really needs your help.

Andy isn't trying to do anything.

Owen took his clothes off.

None of us actually saw it happen.

We relaxed in the jacuzzi.