She gave him a present.


She didn't suspect anything.

Where have you seen these women?

Vadim bent down to tie his shoe.

Will you go, too?

I hope you will call again.

I am going to inform the post office of the change of my address.

My living expense is rising year by year.

I think you should wait for them.

I hope he leaves in a few hours.

Interpretation is the art of taking a spoken text in one language and converting it into a spoken text in another language.

We climbed the steep slope.

I don't have any other hobbies besides football.

We want Kriton back.


The school is closed due to the snow.

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Please write down what I say.


Why does this always happen to me?

Bernie is tactless.

Please sponge the mess up of the table.

Peel the apple before you eat it.

Neal doesn't believe the rumors about Cris.

You have a bad attitude.

Did Eli say anything to you about that?

He is an environmentalist.

What's your best friend's name?

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She scolded him for being late.


We shared the cost of the meal.


That fish travels in a group, don't they?

We'll give you as many bonus miles as the normal air miles!

This is so dumb.

The chicken is worth four annas, and the masala is worth twelve annas.

First impressions are lasting.

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I heard a little girl crying.

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Greg is one of Think's closest friends.

We're all worn out.

She has a soft and clear voice.

Ilya seems lonely.

I've been here a month now.


I want to be a pilot when I grow up.


I get home at 4.30 and do my homework.

When it comes to snoring, no one can top Mr Snore.

Tanya has a good job now.


Mah gave away all his money.

We were talking that this guy I know walked by.

Smiling can make you happier.


I had never been late for school before.

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I shouldn't have done that without your permission.


Didn't you hear the alarm?

You can't park on this street.

Please excuse me for calling you so early in the morning.

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Who did you tell?

I agreed with her.

Scot is a very strong man.


When can we watch the next part?

The person who stabbed Rob was never caught.

It will be ready by six this evening.

I will never forget that kind, loving woman.

I'm not having you boss me around, man.

Wang Xiaoming speaks English, but doesn't have a lot of English books.

He read a lot.

The people suffered under the cruel tyrant.

This is an another pair of shoes.

I can't stand children crying.

Everyone's looking for you.


Can you give me directions to the subway station?

Get them to help us.

There were six children in the Evans family.

Claudia didn't take much persuading.

That thing never gets old.


A vacation will do you lots of good.

It looks painful.

I can't stand it anymore.

This could change everything.

Jeffrey seems to be unwilling to accept the bribe we're offering him.

I know you'll enjoy spending the day with Heather.

I'm supposed to go over to Suzanne's.

It's high time the children went to bed.

Leave them there.


He cut his finger in opening a can.

My watch has stopped.

He ripped his shirt open.

Chuck really wanted us to be there.

When did you start using contact lenses?

Kris shook the bottle as directed on the label, but unfortunately didn't fasten the cap first.

I need to stay here with him.


He took offense at what I said and turned on his heels.

Puppies don't like to be left alone.

Where's Minnesota?

I watched Doraemon a lot when I was a kid. But I had no idea he was so large!

You must be mad!

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I put the used syringes in a can for safe disposal.

I just hope no one saw me.

He should have done it.


He tried to hide his shame.


Suddenly, I heard someone singing near by.

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That's pretty clear.

The small island came into sight.

His down-and-out beginning in Paris was really hard.

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My father has a blue and gray tie.

Have you ever been in Tehran?

Why are you so gloomy?

Promise me you won't hurt them.

Quitting one's job in a big way is cathartic but is it the right thing to do?

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I say it's time for a change.

My grandma bent over to pick up a needle and thread.

In regard to the internship system in the United States I availed myself of part of Miyumi Tanaka's work "Making doctors in Harvard" (Igaku-Shoin Ltd.) as a reference.

Shatter is a little defensive.

In the evening, we drank sugarcane juice.

I have to write a letter. Do you have some paper?

Bruno doesn't have to stay here.


Jim must be hospitalized at once.

He applied for the position.

He is addressed as "Doctor" in his laboratory.

I'm driving her home afterwards.

A dog is a faithful animal, so it is said to be a friend of man.

He turned down our proposal.

Emil is a member of a secret society.


I think we can handle this.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Is this Philippe's bag?


I advised Morton to go home.

I don't think this is the time or place to discuss this.

He is rude, but I love him all the same.

He removed even this one.

I don't want to disappoint you.

Who's responsible for this?

When I heard that she was cured, my heart was full of gratitude.

The economy is growing fast.

See you for dinner.

I really want you to meet him.

On June 18 at the Niigata city aquarium, 7000 fish died because of a mistake by an employee.

You've got a lot on your plate.

An old man lay dead on the road.

What Lum thought was a harmless joke, soon became deadly serious.

Had she known the results, she would have been shocked.

I've been worried all along.

One of my Japanese teachers said "honya honya" instead of "blah blah." My ensuing laughter nearly gave me a hernia.

You don't need to lie.

Nothing else is working.

Your skirt is too short.

Everything's quite informal.

"It's the age of BL!" "Bee el?" "Yup, Boys' Love. Books and such dealing with romance between boys."

Does Pascal like French?

How did you feel then?

All verbs are indicated in bold text.

It's a pheasant.

I'll be working.


Speak louder that your grandpa does not hear that well already.

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I think there's something you didn't tell me.

After the iron had cooled off, Pratt wrapped the electrical cord around the iron, put the iron back on the shelf, folded up the ironing board, and put it away back in the closet.

Some people still do it, even if we tell them not to.

Tanaka was hoping he could learn how to live off the land.

They needed money to pay for the supplies.


Those men are armed to the teeth.

Richard has green eyes.

Samuel was secretly very excited.

The problem is these shoes don't fit very well.

It is not mine to foretell the future.

Were I to die, who would look after my children?

What are your beliefs?

I had no idea you knew how to play the trombone.

The church stood alone on the hill.

Shakil is going to have to deal with that on his own.

Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

I won't be in town this Sunday.

Her son's death broke her heart.