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Bad-Credit.com is a free website resource devoted to providing Americans with information about bad credit, credit repair, bankruptcy, and other personal financial issues. Every year in the United States, millions of Americans suffer through financial problems caused by job loss, high medical bills and marriage break-ups. On this website, we answer many of the common questions about financial problems.

We know that many people just don't realize the importance of their credit rating, and don't understand how the process works.

Credit virtually commands how your life will be in years to come. Without credit, cash payments are required. With good credit, much lower interest rates can save you hundreds of dollars per month. With bad credit, you must pay for everything in cash or a payment plan that will charge much-higher-than-necessary interest rates.

In our comprehensive credit information areas, we explain how the credit system works and supply free information on how to repair your (601) 828-2317

In addition, Bad-Credit.com, in layman's terms; also explains the different credit reporting acts. We also supply a loan calculator and glossary to explain the terms that you often see in your credit report and loan documents. Remember, your credit is extremely important in day to day life, please take advantage of our resources. If you have bad credit, these resources can change your life.


Bad Credit Credit Card | Bad Credit Personal Loans | Bad Credit Repair

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