He is full of life even though he is very old.

The plane departs at 5:30 PM.

There's a problem here.

I expected Lanny to call, but he didn't.

We can't do anything at this time.

Did anyone hear John leave the house?

The war situation was desperate.

It is easy to love, but difficult to be loved.

This building has a low ecological footprint.

I discovered her secret.

It's gonna be OK.

Will you wait a second?

I think that's them.

Do you want to dance with me?

I have a weird neighbor.

Adding comments makes the code easier to read.

Dan wasn't even born when Linda graduated.

You live inside my heart.

I did what I was told.

How long can we wait?

If I'd only read the contract more carefully!

The ashtray was brimming with cigarette butts.


I suggest we go home.

I didn't know this kind of a thing existed.

It snowed hard yesterday.

I want to find true love.

He is bigger than all the other boys.


Would we have been so happy if they had won the competition?

We're very close, and she disappeared all of a sudden.

Someone has died.

I remember it all.

I just couldn't pretend that I liked Vince's cooking.

Rathnakumar didn't change his plans, even though Think wanted him to.

She has a heated swimming pool.

We hired a boat by the hour.

The optimal order is not 1-2-3 but 3-1-2.

Mahesh never wrote to me.

I'm sorry, I'll pay you back in kind.

It may be too late.

Cristina fell in love with the preacher's daughter.

Do you have to make dinner?

She liked it.

I think you'll not be able to do that.

Why doesn't he tell the truth?


I'd hoped I could stay in Boston for three more days.

We'll be done in no time.

I'm driving to Paris tomorrow.

This is all still new to me.

The gardener turned out to be a murderer.


I do not talk in Japanese.


I hope you know that the last thing I want to do is hurt you.


How long does it take to get to the Hilton hotel from here?

You're old enough to drink, aren't you?

It's my birthday today. I'm already eighteen.

The children were working like so many ants.

Hold onto your husband.

Can I keep this?

You seem depressed.

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A leopard never changes its spots.

This will pass.

I think you're the one who caused this to happen.


Playing, such as crumpling paper into a ball or tearing into pieces, helps develop children's creativity.


When will you get through with work?

Sorry, I can't reach it.

I just can't seem to remember it.

I want Milner to keep doing just what he's been doing.

Marian didn't like the plan.

I thought you wanted to meet Michael.

My family are all in good health.


I want to learn German with my friends.


This is the man whose daughter you met yesterday.

I remember the day I met Axel.

I am not at all young anymore.

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We waited long, but he didn't turn up.

Her continuous chatter vexes me.

That doesn't matter to me.

When do I get to talk to Patrice?

Where are my boots?

First the emigrants, then you. Solidarity is our response to social cannibalism.

Dominic will harvest her wheat in July.


All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music.

Please give us a chance.

Should I ask them?

After twisting your body, squat down.

He was to all intents and purposes deceived.

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.

Tanabata comes up in manga a lot so I also know it fairly well.

I'll bring it to you tomorrow.

Sehyo and Stan are nice.

I don't have the courage to do that.

He shaped the statue from clay.

It was gross.

The operation was successful.

Don't make a spectacle of yourself crying in the street.

I refuse to respond to that.


Ah, me!

I didn't detach them.

This morning he said that he is leaving for Nara tomorrow.

Noam would like to buy a house.

There's no need for that kind of behavior.

Who should I believe now?

I remember being introduced to him at a party last year.


Ike doesn't seem to be up to the mark today.

May I use the phone?

The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.

You are drunk!

I don't take any pleasure in this.


The sound of the train faded away.

You may as well as go to bed now.

Your answer isn't correct. Try again.

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There's been a really big mistake.

Some teachers peel potatoes while teaching.

The reason for my return is that the people of Chile are extraordinarily amiable.

He said Bill Clinton would raise taxes.

Kate came inside.

The lemons are cheap.

What happened was out of my control.

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This room has fine ventilation.

Fresh snow brought about a festive atmosphere.

I don't want to share.

Japan consists of four major islands and over 3,000 small islands, and is about equal to California in area.

You're lying to me.

Are you finished with the paper?

Lorenzo answered Stanley's question.


Dan and Linda spent the summer together.

Sometimes it's the converts who are the most devout.

It's totally lame.

Blaine is the best singer in our class.

You have mail.


The United States needed ten years of war in order to annihilate Iraq and divide it.

An undercover video shows workers allegedly abusing animals at Hybrid Turkeys.

Military training is training given to soldiers.

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Blair is certain.

It's clear to everybody.

You grew up around here, didn't you?

He will reach Kyoto the day after tomorrow.

Cecilia is a regular customer.


What do you think he should do?

The power plant was mothballed because of its outdated technology.

It's more common than you think.

What does Novo think about it?

We must make economies in buying clothes.

Sherman went to Boston in 2003.

My watch keeps very good time.

I liked Ramon's first book more than the second.

A party was held in honor of the visiting writer.

I'm glad you were able to be with your parents on Christmas Day.

I'm sure Bert will send you some flowers.

What did you do with all the money you stole?

Please don't say "I told you so."

Just don't tell me any more jokes.

The little girl will go astray if no one cares much about her.

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Do you know anything about cars?


Just between us, he's not a deep thinker.


Has Billy told Lukas what to do?


That man grabbed the young girl's wrist.


Stacey will be next.

Surya is obviously upset.

We should classify them before throwing them out.


That'll be a lot of fun, I think.


I'm tired now.

Frankly, I find that hard to believe.

I can no longer trust Jun.


He did everything for her.

You still have time.

It was impertinent of you to behave like that.

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Allan changed his diet.

Brent is reluctant to talk to his mother about her going into a nursing home because he knows she will be violently opposed to the idea.

People make mistakes in a situation like this.