It's what?


Your sentences are the only ones which should be translated on this site.


It probably doesn't really matter.

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I could not make out what he meant.

One in three Americans believe that the sun goes round the earth!

I'll take that for granted.

That is a studied insult.

It is only recently that people have begun to realize the importance of nature conservation.

I thought you already knew about what happened.

The poor have no relatives.

Laurel used to beat her kids.

I think I understand what went wrong.


Jacques has a cousin named Wolfgang.

I just didn't believe it.

There is little, if any, of such distribution of control.


I'm gonna take you there.

You'll have to pay a damn sight more than that for it.

I'm glad we got here early.

Is this seat vacant?

I had no sales today.

I hate this part of town.

I told him to work hard or he would fail.

Sitting on the rock, she sang a sweet song as she combed her hair.

The phone was off the hook.

Julie called Val a liar.

Rajarshi doesn't remember anything.

Parents should come and pick up their children after band practice.

How much pushing force should you apply to move this 30-kg wooden box?

The crankshaft is broken.

Did you hear about what happened in Boston yesterday?

I'm not the guy you want making this decision.

I almost choked on a piece of chicken bone.

The old must be respected.

Our server will be offline on October 20th for scheduled maintenance.

That's just what I wanted.

Joel just can't make up his mind.

Many people hire accountants to help them with their tax returns.

Just please do it.


I am too tired to keep on walking.

That is not the case.

I'm still going to do it, no matter how much it bothers you.

You two probably want to be alone.

Howard took Granville for every cent he had.

Everyone left except her.

I'm good to go now.

Rik stopped to put on his shoes.

Both brothers are musicians.


There's no telling what kind of trouble this proposal might stir up. The result is certainly going to be something to see.


She will be in New York for two weeks.

They won't let me see her.

It is often said that sweets are bad for your teeth.


Kamiya used to work at the same place that I do now.

This rug is handmade.

Roxanne speaks in a strange way.

We're still looking for her.

I love her son.


Despite the many tragedies she has had in life, she remains to have the pureness of her heart.

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The vampire shapeshifted into a giant bat.

Love me tomorrow!

He's a high school student.


Edmund is eating breakfast right now.


Tollefsen applied for a scholarship.

It isn't safe to walk alone at night.

Don't call Samir that.

Yes, by all means.

You read the paper?

Soon after this Kay came in again, with thick gloves on his hands, and his sledge slung across his back.

That's why I lied to you.

Nicolo closed the trunk.

The worst riot was in Chicago.


People ask me 'why would you want to cherish a piece of junk like that?' But this little beauty means the world to me.

All my siblings are taller than me.

We came in together.

Do you want to go to the mall with us?

The coast of the French Riviera has very beautiful beaches.


Nguyen and Leung both covered their eyes.

Please let me sleep.

I saw a flash of lightning far in the distance.

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The engineer does not live. It works.

It was this book that Becky bought yesterday.

Hackers break into computers without permission.

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He glanced at his watch.

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They seemed grateful.

I don't like you any more than you like me.

They cry out against the new tax.


He has written a letter.


They spent part of the afternoon strolling through the city.

I'll go and get the book tomorrow.

Spyros needs to leave early today.


I never could figure out why Elias didn't like me.

Amigo did everything he could to help.

He's always trading.

For as long as I live, I'll never forget that I saw her.

I don't want to see her naked.


You mustn't use my pen.

We'll get the next one.

Germany has two capital cities.

Helen was saddened.

Let the coin throw decide.


Where in the world is Duke?

I say it's worth a try.

I take the liberty of going home.


We've suffered a minor setback.


Al admitted defeat.

Butler cleaned up the mess.

His reason for not going is still unclear.

Johan felt compelled to say something.

Her studies are improving slowly but steadily.

This is extremely confidential.

Clara has been calling every day.

In doing anything, you must do your best.

He may be powerful, but he is not invincible.

Did he forget the money?

The trouble with finding love later in life is that the person you fall in love with often comes with emotional baggage.


I don't have a picture of you.


The ancient Egyptians believed that the Sun was the eye of the god Ra.


She tripped on the stone.

Do you have a place to stay tonight?

Irish is a very beautiful language.

Where is the bank?

Every man or woman for themselves!

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Don't ask Ramanan. He doesn't know anything.


Can you touch your toes without bending your legs?

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I'd do anything to protect you.


I'm going to go see her.

Darin brushed Kate's hair.

At one time, I used to go jogging every morning.


We hear the church bell from here.

It's worth checking out.

If I had money enough, I could pay you.


Joyce has just finished eating dinner.

At half time, both teams made substitutions.

Gradually, as they walked and ran together, her sadness disappeared.

Hour after hour in hope he bore,nor might his soul its faith give o'er; nor could the tyrant's scorn deriding, steal from that faith one thought confiding!

Some toilets waste a lot of water every time they are flushed.


I speak French to my teacher.

Mom will buy us a puppy.

Kristin didn't notice that Carsten was staring at him.

She has a flower in her hand.

She hit him hard.

Ti lit the candle with a match, and then blew out the match.

I'm translating this sentence from English into Icelandic.


The dog interests us: it only sits and observes.

Tony speaks French well, though not perfectly.

She has too many boyfriends.

I looked in my closet for something to wear.

Keep Stacy inside.

Saqib said that he was aware of the ongoing conspiracy.

Where on earth are we?

They are outsiders.

She closes the door.

I've had enough of trying to deal with other people's problems.

Did you see him that night?

I like to dream.

Carole is Brooke's ex-boyfriend's brother.

I'm sure you understand why we can't do that.

You're making progress.


I made a good profit by selling my car.

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The kidnapper told me he'd kill Ned if I didn't show up alone.


Many people worry about paying their bills.